May 29, 2021

“REMIXED, REVAMPED…REMARKABLE” is the best way to describe this brand new compilation album from UK classic rockers CATS in SPACE. To be released this autumn, the 11 track clear vinyl LP and 14 track CD features the cream of the Cats‘ catalogue but each song has been remixed and also re-vocaled by lead singer Damien Edwards. Amongst the grooves is an exclusive ‘live’ recording of the band’s epic anthem Greatest Story Never Told, which was the centrepiece of the band’s live stream concert recorded last year at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. The CD contains a further three bonus tracks all taken from last year’s smash hit album Atlantis. Ahead of the album release and in time for the band’s summer festivals and September tour, will be the single release of Mr. Heartache. The song that started the whole story in 2015, has been remixed and revamped with Damien‘s vocals adding a brand new spin to this much loved classic track.

“Whilst we know only too well that ‘tinkering’ with songs loved by the fans can be seen as risky, we feel that it’s a fantastic way to move the band forward, especially as we look towards working in Europe. Promoting all of our back catalogue on an official release with the new line-up, establishes the fact that, post lockdown, the Cats are looking to a new future and planning into 2022 and beyond.”

Mr. Heartache will be available as a clear 7″ vinyl featuring the exclusive B-Side Twilight and, in the fine tradition of never doing anything by halves, this vinyl will be available in not one but three different picture sleeves!

Release date is aimed for the beginning of September (date to be finalised due to covid delays).

The band are already back in the studio recording the follow up to Atlantis, and preparing for their UK tour which kicks off on August 28th . Life in the world of CATS in SPACE is busier than ever!