September 9, 2023

Multi award-winning Blues/Rock/Americana/Roots artist Dom Martin is pleased to announce the release of Belfast Blues – the third single taken from his highly anticipated third studio album Buried In The Hail released by Forty Below Records on 22nd September 2023.

Buried In the Hail was recorded at Golden Egg Studios in Ireland. The album was produced in Dublin by Grammy-Nominated producers Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy and co-produced by Dom Martin. Very much steeped in the Roots, Americana, and the Blues genres, many of the tracks on the new album possess an almost cinematic theme.

Photo: Jim Heal

Dom admits the new album is the first complete work that he’s recorded which he is 100% happy with and proud to release. Says Dom, “Buried In the Hail is the kind of album where the more you listen to it, the more you will get out of it.”

Belfast Blues is about the days I spent playing the pubs and clubs in Northern Ireland,” says Dom. “Getting in fights, fires, getting robbed, getting drunk and beaten and just generally misbehaving. Being an animal. I was a different person back then.”

Why the cover of Willie Nelson‘s Crazy? “When I was a kid, I always loved the song, my Aunt Breda was a Patsy fan, I think I liked it most probably for the key change, I was shocked when I later found out it was written by Willie Nelson, what a guy! This version is how I felt at the time, I had the music and these lyrics just fit in more ways than one.

Dom will tour the new album throughout the UK and Ireland in October and November 2023 and Europe in June 2024. See tour dates listed below.

Buried In The Hail

  1. Hello In There
  2. Daylight I Will Find
  3. Government
  4. Belfast Blues
  5. Crazy
  6. Unhinged
  7. The Fall
  8. Howlin’
  9. Buried In The Hail
  10. Lefty 2 Guns
  11. Laid To Rest
Photo: Tony Cole



September 6/24 – European Tour

October 8/29 – Buried In The Hail UK Band Tour

November 4, 9/10/11/12, 17/18, 24/25 – Irish Tour

Photo: Tony Cole

Dom Martin – Vocals, Guitar
Ben Graham – Bass Guitar & Double Bass
Jonny McIlroy – Drums

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