April 19, 2023

Back in December of 2020, the Swedish duo of Staffan Tengnér and Leo Ekström appeared out of nowhere with the cult cassette Demo MMXX, which boasted four songs of pure, classic, meat-and-potatoes heavy metal, of the right kind. Reissued and sold-out several times since, it proved the power of songcraft in metal, when a riff and a melody stick in your mind from the very first play.

Now, more than two years later, Century are back with their first full length album The Conquest Of Time, which will be released this Friday though Electric Assault Records (vinyl) and No Remorse Records (CD). Nine new songs packed into less than 37 minutes, with nothing excessive, nothing artificial, nothing to take away from the true power of these great compositions. Often up-tempo, but never bordering on speed metal, songs like The Fighting Eagle, the title track or Master Of Hell are typical old school hymns, reminding of Gotham City or early Riot, with vocals close to what Dave Tattum did in the second and third Angel Witch albums. Victim In Chains and Distant Mirror are also fantastic songs, with great guitars, while the closing epic Servants Of The Iron Mask is guaranteed to make you shake your head like a maniac for almost 7 minutes.

The production is really thought over – very organic and warm, and its quality is simply amazing, having in mind these two guys did everything on their own. This young band is really a treasure in the sea of music released in this genre every week, because Century have identity and clear aim before themselves. This aim is not to replicate what the old gods have invented decades ago, but to compose and perform the best possible music from the fans’ perspective. The Conquest Of Time is already among the best releases in 2023 and the future looks bright for true metal. Century are one of the bands that are capable of carrying the torch when Maiden, Priest and Saxon pass it over.


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