July 11, 2022

I guess the big question now is whether Chaos Magic remains as a project or is it time to consider it as a bona fide band? Chaos Magic burst into life in 2015 although the first album was released as ‘Caterina Nix featuring Timo Tolkki Chaos Magic’. The idea for the project came to life when Tolkki met Nix when touring in South America with Stratovarius and was so taken with her voice that they put together a tremendous melodic/symphonic rock album which made great use of Tolkki’s famous guitar breaks and the truly amazing voice of Nix with all of its soaring range, power and might. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Tolkki also featured her vocals the Avalon album Angels Of The Apocalypse. Tolkki then moved onto projects new and fellow Chilean singer and producer Masson came in to take the project to the next stage. In truth nothing much changed with the second album now going under the name of ‘Chaos Magic featuring Caterina Nix’ with the music remaining big, bold and bombastic. Nasson comfortably and seamlessly took over the reins from Tolkki and allowed the band to do what it does best which was allowing Caterina Nix the time and space to showcase her amazing voice and perfect delivery.

It’s now been three years since the release of ‘Furyborn’ and the third album has been long overdue but this has only increased the anticipation levels. So, now we have ‘Emerge’ and the first thing to notice is that the name on the album is simply ‘Chaos Magic’ so it looks like the project has developed into a real band which is great news. Previously, Nasson was the major musician but now we have a real band as well which gives perfect backing to Nix with Nasson relinquishing guitar and concentrating on bass and vocals with Mario Torres on guitar, Mistheria on keyboards, Carlos Hernandez remains from the last album on drums and we even get a guest vocal performance from Elina Siirala (Leaves’ Eyes) on Garden Of Winter. There appears a greater fluidity about the bands performance and it is almost as if they are all relishing a new found freedom and just so eager to take the band out on the road! Mario Torres plays some exceptional guitar and Nix relishes shared vocals with Nasson and Siirala but the music really comes alive when she takes control and her superb delivery, awesome strength and wondrous clarity sends a shiver down your spine when she cranks up the power. Her voice is just so perfect for Gothic and symphonic metal but she also shows on this album that progressive and melodic metal are also well within her comfort zone making her just about the perfect singer for any occasion. The old comparisons with Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain seem a little less certain these days with the new album seeing Nix and band mates moving very comfortably into Lana Lane symphonic metal territory and she does this very well and if is the new direction the band is taking then we are all in for a real treat.

The two previous Chaos Magic albums have been special but Emerge sees the band operating at a new level with this record being a must have release. The only real issue I have is that the download version features two bonus tracks which are not on the CD and that seems to be a poor way to treat your customers.


  1. Emerge (5:05)
  2. Beneath Your Skin (4:41)
  3. The Impossible (4:18)
  4. Garden Of Winter (feat Elina Siirala) (4:59)
  5. Hearts Gone Dark (5:20)
  6. Beyond The Silence (4:43)
  7. Days Of Lions (5:00)
  8. In The Depth Of Night (3:43)
  9. Victims Of Our Heaven (3:21)
  10. When If Not Today (3:43)
  11. What’s Your Fuel (4:18