March 17, 2022

Charger is a band from Oakland, California, featuring Rancid’s bass player Matt Freeman, who also handles the vocals here, Jason Willer on drums and vocals, and guitarist Andrew McGee. The band first made impression with their 2019 self-titled, 7-song EP, displaying a tasteful amalgam of influences from the punk, NWOBHM and speed metal scenes. If you can imagine a combination of classic Motörhead (with all of their blues leanings and gnarly vocals), early Exploited and some Tank “spilled” on top – then you may be close to what you will hear on Warhorse.


Charger’s debut full-length is officially released tomorrow (March 18th) and even if the description of their sound above may not scream of originality, the album is one of the most enjoyable and fresh new music I’ve heard in a long time. The reason is that the songs are varied, feature some stunning solos (see Forsaken Soul or Sword Of Dio) and pleasantly surprise the listener over and over again. Simple as that. Dig Your Own Grave, for example, features some vintage Jon Lord-style keyboards, sounding like a love-child between Purple and Venom, with a ripping solo on top (sounds crazy, I know, but it works here!). The two-minute long Summon The Demon (with Hell Fire’s Jake Nunn handling the vocals) and Will To Survive, on the other hand, are encapsulating the hooks and the energy of the whole album in such a short duration, it’s unbelievable.

I have to stress once again why this album is special, if you haven’t got that already. Chargertake the basic trademark strengths of classic old school punk and heavy metal bands and turn everything upside down, to create a new beast, that may even appeal to the youngest hardcore or metalcore generation of fans, even if they don’t care a bit about the bands mentioned above. You have to admire the fact there are new bands that try to reimagine and deliver in a new, exciting way the music we love so much. Warhorse is an album that displays Charger’s potential to the fullest and is an easy choice when you want to listen to some great metal, with attitude and soul. In fact, just look at the beautiful artwork and you need no further explanation of what to expect.


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