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September 1, 2023

Canadian musician Ché Aimee Dorval was raised in Vancouver by her mother, a plethora of hippie aunts, punk rock uncles and a colourful extended family. Think Little House on the Prairie meets The Lost Boys. Her childhood was full of constant creativity and adventure, instilling in her a strong sense of individualism that she has subsequently taken out into the world.

Living the troubadour life, she has been embroiled in the indie scenes in both Vancouver and Toronto before venturing further afield, both as a solo artist and as Casualties of Cool, her joint venture with compatriot and prog icon Devin Townsend. She has also been a featured performer on his most recent studio albums (Empath and Lightwork) ahead of unveiling The Crowned, her stunning third solo album.

Photo: Samuel Chadwick

Ché has always blended genres, but The Crowned sees her reach new heights in fusing folktronica, alternative rock, dream pop and trip hop to create a staggering backdrop for a set that is also stacked with dynamic and soulful vocal performances. A confident and determined thread runs through the entire record that has signalled the birth of a new stage in her career. With half of its contents produced by Bob Rock pre-pandemic and the remainder subsequently self-produced, it also serves as a diary of her artistic evolution and growth. Still possessing the same spirit and sensibility instilled in her youth, she now has the drive and vision that make her an artist in the truest sense of the word; a product of passion rather than curation.

2023 has seen Ché make a number of festival appearances in North America and perform shows with acts as diverse as Run the Jewels, Chromeo, Bif Naked and fellow Townsend collaborator Anneke van Giersbergen. She has today announced an autumn UK and mainland European tour to promote The Crowned, stating that “I’ve been dreaming of performing its songs ever since their inception. They just feel so lush and layered and easy to lose myself in. To me, this album is more of a soundtrack than a collection of songs, taking me through a time in my life that was as chaotic as it was beautiful.”

As for the complexity of her new songs, she reveals that “performing them live reminds me of how far I’ve come. They are the most challenging vocally of anything I’ve written and it has kept me present and in the moment on stage, which has sometimes been difficult for me. I’m usually very aware that I’m being watched, distracted by how I’m being perceived. However, it has been beautiful to step out on stage recently and lose myself to the music and that night’s interpretation of it. I’m so excited to bring this more confident version of myself over to the UK and Europe.”

27.10.23  LONDON St. Pancras Old Church
28.10.23  BIRMINGHAM The Sunflower Lounge ^
29.10.23  BRISTOL The Louisiana
30.10.23  CAMBRIDGE Portland Arms
31.10.23  BARNOLDSWICK Music And Arts Centre
02.11.23  DEN HAAG (NL) Paard *
04.11.23  HAARLEM (NL) Patronaat *
05.11.23  WEERT (NL) De Bosuil *
07.11.23  HAMBURG (DE) Prinzenbar
08.11.23  COLOGNE (DE) Jaki
09.11.23  ZWOLLE (NL) Hedon *
10.11.23  AMERSFOOT (NL) Fluor *
11.11.23  ENSCHEDE (NL) Metropool *
14.11.23  BRADFORD NIghtrain
15.11.23  GLASGOW Nice N’ Sleazy

^ supporting Amy Montgomery
* supporting Anneke van Giesbergen

The Crowned

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