March 12, 2021
Photo: Harry Scott Elliott

Chez Kane is the latest new singer to put her debut solo album out on Frontiers after being picked out by Danny Rexon the vocalist with the Swedish sleaze rock band Crazy Lixx. Kane is normally to be found with her two sisters fronting the melodic/alt-rock band Kane’d, a 7-piece band Welsh band, and I’m sure that having three female vocalists brings the band a lot of attention. Yes, the girls look good but above all that they can really sing and that is exactly how they should be judged.

Danny Rexon is almost the godfather of the project as he has written, produced and arranged the album and he admits that there is a lot of the sound and style of Crazy Lixx in the new album so if you like one then you are sure to like the other. Rexon and Chez Kane take us back to the ’80s and ’90s with this fine, somewhat retro (in a good way) female fronted melodic rock album filled with loads of anthemic stadium rockers and power ballads and if the likes of Robin Beck, Lita Ford and Pat Benatar is your thing then you will also love this. There is also a flavour of the wonderful and larger than life Bonnie Tyler in the music and that has got to be another great selling point.

The music features lot’s of keyboards and guitars making this a rather exciting melodic rock album with Kane showing just why she is rated to highly with her powerful voice and impeccable delivery. Interestingly, the only musician credited is Kane but I would imagine that any number of Rexon’s band mates will have been called in to help make the album. The emphasis is most definitely on harmony with plenty of hooks to make this a very radio friendly album and it will be interesting to see if any of the stations pick up on this as that could make a huge difference for the career of Chez Kane. She has the talents and the songs, courtesy of Danny Rexon, so with a little luck this could be a perfect starting point for a very successful career.

Chez Kane track list

  1. Better Than Love (5:09)
  2. All Of It (3:34)
  3. Rocket On The Radio (5:31)
  4. Get It On (4:19)
  5. Too Late For Love (4:14)
  6. Defender Of The Heart (5:34)
  7. Ball N’ Chain (4:37)
  8. Midnight Rendezvous (4:01)
  9. Die In The Name Of Love (4:10)
  10. Dead End Street (5:39)