October 4, 2020
Chris Catena

The name of Chris Catena is not one that I know but he is an Italian singer with several solo rock albums to his credit and he has managed to accrue a most impressive guest list of high quality musicians for his latest project which shows that he must be highly regarded.

Rock City Tribe has been put together, obviously, by Catena and Swedish guitarist Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath/Overdrive) and has been something like 10-years in the making. The songs have been written by a combination of Catena, Stark and Francesco Marras with one contributed by Kee Marcello (Europe) and all have that ’70s vibe that Catena was looking for. The music is also based on a definite ’70s framework with the some of the blues of early Whitesnake and funkiness of mid era Deep Purple (Coverdale/Hughes) combined with the glossy melodic rock of Journey.

Unfortunately, the promotion company has only given basic details so it’s not possible to break down which guests feature on which tracks but you need to know who has contributed to that you can get a flavour of what is on offer with this might fine rock album. So, there is no other way to proceed than a long boring list which you can either choose to read and admire or simply skip. Contributing in some form or another are Pat Travers, Doug Aldrich, Stevie Salas, Blues Saraceno, Damon Johnson, Bumblefoot, Kee Marcello, Rowan Robertson, Wyzard, Ozz Fox, Tracii Guns, Dizzy Reed, Scotti Hill, Jimmy Crespo, Freddie Salem, Dick Wagner, Bobby Kimball, Paul Shortino, John Sloman, Stu Hamm, Tony Franklin, Neil Murray, Chuck Wright, Ken Sandin, James Lomenzo, Sean McNabb, Carmine Appice, Brian Tichy, Matt Starr, Troy Lucketta, Greg Chaisson, Joel Hoekstra, Giacomo Castellano and Paul Audia.

Of course, some of the musicians are more famous than others but it is a mightily impressive list. There are fifteen songs with a running time of 80-minutes and not a weak track amongst them but, then, if you have spent 10-years on the project then you are going to polish it until it shines and it is easy to tell that this has been a labour of love for both Catena and Stark. The performances are impeccable and the vocals and guitar are extraordinarily exceptional on this superbly produced classic rock album that ticks just about every box. The album closes with the 11-minute epic Ridin’ The Freebird Highway which is a extravagant rock work out with the musicians having a blast and revelling in the over the top nature of the song and features some phenomenal guitar but, then again, that is the running theme through this quality album.

Truth In Unity track list

  1. Angel City (4:48)
  2. The Trickster (3:50)
  3. Down In The Black (3:57)
  4. Motorcycle Killers (4:34)
  5. The Seventh Son (5:29)
  6. Get Ready (4:17)
  7. My Angel (6:40)
  8. Still A Fool (3:42)
  9. Who Knew (6:32)
  10.  Livin’ Wreck (3:28)
  11. Round The Bend (4:10)
  12. Fall Of Our Heroes (5:30)
  13. Freedom (5:26)Theme For An Imaginary Western (6:06)
  14. Ridin’ The Freebird Highway (11:11)