August 3, 2022

80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal band White Spirit return with their fabled second album Right Or Wrong. Due for release July 29th, 2022, the album follows on some 42 years since the group’s last LP – their debut album White Spirit (MCA Records, 1980). The new album, long confined to music myth, marks the end of the quest to find the long-thought lost record that had remained hidden for decades.
Originally formed in the glitz and glamour of Hartlepool, County Durham, White Spirit first caught the attention of the major labels with their debut single Back To The Grind (NEAT Records). MCA Records signed the band, commissioning their second studio album which was recorded but never completed. By this time guitarist Janick Gers had left to join Gillan and had been replaced by Mick Tucker. Vocalist Bruce Ruff had also departed to be replaced by future Bad Company frontman Brian Howe, and bassist Phil Brady made way for Ian Shuttleworth. The other members were drummer Graeme Crallan and keyboard player Malcolm Pearson
White Spirit broke up in 1981 with Mick Tucker joining Tank, later followed by Graeme Crallan, Toby Sadler joining Airrace, singer Brian Howe becoming the frontman for Ted Nugent, before achieving mega platinum success as the replacement for Paul Rodgers in Bad Company, and Mal Pearson taking a hiatus from music.
Four decades on and tragedy struck. Tucker and Pearson reunite over Brian Howe’s tragic fatal heart attack, reminiscing over the long-lost album that never was. Days later Mal unearths tapes amongst forgotten storage in France – ‘Chiswick Studios – White Spirit’. This was it. One last album with their fallen friend.
The tapes were restored as best as they could with industry legends stepping in to fill in the gaps where needed. Jeff Scott Soto and Lee Small – Journey and Lionheart lead vocalists respectively – lend their incomparable talents to the album, with Tucker and Pearson re-recording their pieces, and Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) making up the rhythm section.
One can only wonder what may have been if Right Or Wrong was released as originally planned 40 years ago. How would the synth-heavy metal scene have taken shape had audiences heard Runaway two years before Van Halen’s Jump, when it was originally written? Right or Wrong is a 10-track album born of the 80s, remixed, rerecorded, and reimagined for the 21st Century. Lead single Runaway perfectly encapsulates this with its upbeat and electrifying synth-laden classic rock sound. Fist pumping and anthemic choruses throwback to pure optimism and a dreamer’s spirit, in a touching tribute to the late, great Brian Howe who lives on in this powerful record.


Right or Wrong
The Dice Rolls On
Lady of the Night
Gotta get out
Watch Out
Don’t Say No
Wait a little Longer
Holy Water