January 15, 2024

Cobrakill is a relatively new German hard rock band having formed as recently as 2020 with Serpent’s Kiss being their second release following on quickly from the debut Cobratör.

Cobrakill seen to have immersed themselves in numerous styles and the influences clearly show through in their hard rock meets glam meets sleaze, all-action and most definitely upbeat onslaught on your senses. Just a cursory listen shown elements of Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Bonfire a touch of Judas Priest and even elements of Def Leppard and The Clash plus any number of other bands too.

Vocalist Nick Adams delights in a Bon Scott sort of drawl and sneer as he spits out the lyrics with twin guitarists Randy White and Tommy Gun seemingly on a mission to set a world record for the number of screaming guitar breaks on one album! The amusingly titled Crippler Ramirez is a powerful bassist and ably accompanied by the pounding drums of Toby Ventura with all the musician’s adopting names with probably more than one eye on the lucrative US market more and the bands aggressive classic metal meets thrash will surely win them many fans but if you are looking for subtlety then you will not find much here.

The music is very much ’80s hair metal derived and they even thrown in a cover of the Mike and the Mechanics track Silent Running which I’m guessing has never been done heavier but I do much prefer the original as some songs should never be messed with!

If you need a headbanging bump ‘n’ grind fix then Cobrakill will fulfil all your needs but, in truth, there are plenty of bands out there who do it better.

Seprent’s Kiss is released on 19 January via Frontiers Records and is available for pre-order