April 8, 2020

Coldbones see the Earth in Ruin with latest single release! The end of the world is nigh….at least it is for fans of UK three-piece COLDBONES, who will release their forthcoming second studio album The Cataclysm on 17 April via Dunk! Records. With mere days to go before the launch, the band have seen fit to release album track Ruin as a single!

This second slice of the trio follows the recent Velvet Thunder review of their soon-to-be-launched album, and a previous video single release of Collapse from it. It further demonstrates the pure dynamic force and atmospheric power of the band’s combined arsenal of post-rock, prog, shoegaze and traditional metal. Additionally, having described the concept that fuels The Cataclysm in that VT review, Coldbones have now released pre-orders for the album which can be purchased HERE

‘Ruin draws attention to the realisation that the earth will never be the same again’ comment Coldbones on their latest single release. ‘A sombre and atmosperic landscape symbolises the devastation and mourning of a world that was once thriving with habitation, species, and lush vegetation. Now, the knowledge that was once shared between many stands still in time, below the burning sun upon the hinterlands’.

You can see this imagery created in the video below:

Gradually amplifying in magnitude towards an expansive finish, the concept behind Coldbones’ Ruin seems perfectly translated into a musical score. This is no hppy coincidence, as the band explains: ‘we made a conscious decision to add layers to the song as it progressed, representing various stages of grief. Our aim was to draw attention and realisation to the devastation caused by our ongoing and largely uncontrolled burning of the earth.

Releasing on 17 April via Dunk! Records, Coldbones’ new studio offering follows their 2018 debut Where It All Began and seeks to present an intensely dynamic and emotional journey of musicianship. The Cataclysm promises nothing less than a sonic landscape that depicts the complete and utter destruction of the world as we know it!

Coldbones is:

Nick Suchak (bass)

Max Parr (drums)

Jordan Gilbert (guitar)