October 12, 2020

This Is The Madness is the debut album release by Connect The Circle , a heavy/progressive metal band from Norway that formed in 2018 and comprises Arild Fevang on vocals, Robert William on drums, Kenneth Brastad on guitar and Raymond Smith on bass. They have a rather unique sound with numerous influences detected and there is definitely a gothic element to their approach and I would say that they are a complicated mixture of fellow Norwegians Communic and Leprous plus Finnish bands The Rasmus and H.I.M. which sums them up neatly but then again it doesn’t as Connect The Circle has a sound that is unique.

Paradoxically, each new play points at different influences in there too but it is nothing definite, rather, it is more organic and changes depending upon your mood. It is melodic and harmonious and at time ethereal but always with an incessant beat that drives everything forward. A confusing description I appreciate but this is a band you just have to listen to and then you will make up your own mind. Arild Fevang supplies emotional vocals in perfect English and he has a very classical sounding voice that is wonderfully restrained and he helps to give much of the bands individual sound and he is ably supported by the rest of the guys as everything is played with restraint and control so that it is rock music but not wailing guitars or huge riff after riff, just simply drums, bass and guitar working in harmony to give a near perfect example of synchronicity in pretty much the same way that the The Pineapple Thief does now.

If you want straight forward rock ‘n’ roll then there are many, many bands out there to provide your fix but if you want something that is challenging and ultimately fulfilling then Connect The Circle is the band for you. It works perfectly for bands like Radiohead and there is no reason why this new and exciting Norwegian band cannot go in that direction.

This Is Madness track list

  1. The King Is Dead (4:52)
  2. All My Life (4:08)
  3. The Jester (5:59)
  4.  In My Darkest Hour (5:43)
  5. Hill Of Skulls (3:53)
  6. Burn The Sky (4:54)
  7. Black Feathers (5:31)
  8. United States Of Oppression (4:50)