February 12, 2024

Corvus is a British heavy but melodic rock band which was formed in 2013 with Immortals being only their second album to date so they are hardly the most prolific artists around but it does mean that they have taken the time to hone their crafts and to produce two rather fine AOR albums that please on just about every level.

The band features vocalist Ciaran James, guitarist John Clews, keyboard player Nick Jeavons, bassist Chris Tortoioli and drummer Marrin Glogowski although the bass and drums on their debut album, 2015’s Chasing Miracles, were provided by Jordan Brown and Alex Cooper respectively. It looks like they hail from the West Midlands which has produced more than its fair share of some truly amazing bands and, to be fair, Corvus still has some way to go before they can match some of their fellow musicians but both albums have shown that they have the skillset to make a name for themselves in the ever-expanding melodic rock arena. If you have bands like Ten, FM and the one and only Magnum (RIP Tony) as regulars on your playlists then Corvus is a band that should also feature as they play the refined and hook laden AOR of Ten to perfection with Clews laying down some great punchy guitar and James having one of those perfect, soul infused powerful voices that suit melodic rock so well.

The songs are perfectly crafted and all around the 5-minute mark which means they are so controlled and to a set standard with no overlong extensions or over the top solos with the emphasis being on teamwork and control, no signs of any egos at work here!  The harmonies are wonderfully paced and delivered with perfection with all the hooks you would expect and so many power ballads that they are almost beyond counting. Yes, its all been done before but Corvus does have an individual identity and a definite ’80s popular leaning too and I certainly picked up a vibe of the great Furniture and their album The Wrong People which was one of the best releases in 1986 and showed how classy New Wave could still be as well as a touch of The Editors!

Corvus may disagree about this statement but it just reinforces their class and cross-genre credentials.


  1. Hero (4:33)
  2. Let Me In (4:33)
  3. Immortals (5:00)
  4. Battle Cry (4:16)
  5. What About Love (5:03)
  6. Just Like Heaven (5:21)
  7. Black Magic (4:50)
  8. Satellite (5:10)
  9. You Make Me Live Again (5:11)
  10. If You Want It (4:55)
  11. Stardust (4:44)
  12. Chasing Miracles (Alt Version) (4:21)
  13. Can You Hear The Sleigh Bells Ringing? (Remix) (5:26)