May 2, 2021

Cousin Betty is the brainchild of Damian Stofka and there doesn’t appear to be any mention of nationality on the publicity but I’m going with Australian as it is in the Petersham Bowling Club that the launch party for this debut EP took place. However, if I have mixed up my bowling club’s then apologies to all concerned. This is another short EP at 13-minutes for 5 tracks so Stofka is another musician who does not let his songs outstay their welcome. The music on display here is indie that was born out of garage rock with a neat touch of distortion and fuzz. The songs are short and sweet based around intoxicating riffs and a real flavour of psychedelia that gives the music a neat buzz and a quite left of centre radio appeal. The real beauty is that the music is timeless and could be just as easily from the 60’s as 2021 which means it will never age and always retain a slight retro charm with just a hint of Syd Barrett and the unearthly word that he inhabited. As enjoyable a 13-minutes as you will ever hear.

Left EP track list

  1. Tape Hiss (2:22)
  2. Drone (2:56)
  3. Lazy Bones (3:09)
  4. Loan Sharks Of Love (1:59)
  5. AWOL (2:01)