June 26, 2022

Coyle Girelli is an English multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer having previously been the singer with Your Vegas and The Chevin. His base of operations for the last decade has been Manhattan so is really living the life and he finally released his first solo album Love Kills in 2018. This led to great acclaim for his song writing skills and for his wonderful vocals which are emotion filled and soulful.

Girelli is predominantly a rock artist but he seems to be most at home as a balladeer and has many influential fans that have fallen in love with his stunning voice. Funland is his eagerly anticipated second album and he doesn’t disappoint with this gorgeous album of burning ballads and rich story telling. He is an indie rock star with Funland being an anthem for the modern generation with Coyle being an exceptional story smith as he tells tales bold and beautiful very much in the style of Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker and even John Grant with the lyrical content often being bitter-sweet but there is also an element of the tongue in cheek so he doesn’t actually take matters too seriously with the delivery being simply delicious. Indeed, Girelli even strays into torch song territory and could very easy carve out a career as the new Jacques Brel if he so felt. His delivery and voice conveys heartbreak and despair unlike any other but he also has a fire and passion to thaw the hardest heart and you cannot help but be uplifted by his beautiful songs and inspirational delivery.

Listen – and you will pick up elements of other supreme singers such as Richard Marx, Roy Orbison, Edwyn Collins and Black aka Colin Vearncombe and Coyle Girelli is every bit as good as these legends are. A grand statement but this man does write and performs music that eclipses the so called stars filling our charts at the moment. Be warned, to hear this album is to want it and you will find yourself going back to it again and again. Quite simply this is a gorgeous and beautiful work of art.


  1. Funland (3:16)
  2. Fun (3:55)
  3. Do You Wanna Dance? (3:02)
  4. From 7th St With Love (3:53)
  5. Flake (4:03)
  6. Here Comes My Baby (3:40)
  7. Right Time (3:58)
  8. Modern Noir (3:00)
  9. Midnight Flowers (3:54)
  10. When I Sleep I Leave the Window Open (4:21)
  11. Porno (3:26)