August 22, 2022

We now come to album number six by the Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdïet and they may have changed labels from Frontiers to Crusader Records but the music remains effectively the same being high energy and very effective glam/sleaze metal.

This is a band that knows a thing or two about tragedy and the death of the original singer Dave Lepard in 2006 put much into context for the band and they continue very much to honour his memory with the opening short track featuring a soundbite from Lepard showing that he may be gone but never forgotten! The band still features original members in Martin Sweet (guitar), Peter London (bass) and Eric Young (drums) with the singing role being the most difficult to fill with H Olliver Twisted and Simon Cruz featuring on the first three albums since the debut Rest in Sleaze in 2005 with the new and current singer, Gabriel Keyes, joining in 2017 and he has now performed on 2019’s Rust and the new album Automaton. Hopefully, the position is now firmly his as he has a stunning voice with a distinct American sound which is all but perfect for that great and all important transatlantic sound.

The band again glories in a wonderful sleaze/glam sound which has been inspired by the likes of the usual suspects in Skid Row, L.A. Guns and Mötley Crüe but with the power of Guns N’ Roses and the wonderful slickness and radio friendly sounds of bands like Bon Jovi. The songs are hook laden anthems to all things glam with Martin Sweet again showcasing his talents as a guitarist and Simon Cruz being in imperious form and showing that he has very few equals as a frontman. Watch out for the track Powerline which features a duet with Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr and is a real stadium rocker. The album closes with the beautiful acoustic I Can’t Move On (Without You) which deserves to be a monster hit and would have been if this was 1985 but, sadly, rock just does not hold much sway in these days of increasingly redundant chart lists. 

Crashdïet again play with panache and a swagger and it is impossible not to get drawn into their anthemic rock world where glam is king. Automaton is a life affirming rock album to savour and enjoy.


  1. Automaton (1:39)
  2. Together Whatever (3:50)
  3. Shine On (3:39)
  4. No Man’s Land (3:54)
  5. Darker Minds (3:37)
  6. Dead Crusade (4:39)
  7. Powerline (4:16)
  8. Resurrection of the Damned (3:27)
  9. We Die Hard (4:22)
  10. Shell Shock (3:52)
  11. Unbroken (3:38)
  12. I Can’t Move On (Without You) (4:25)