November 22, 2021

The release of a new album by the Swedish glam/sleaze rockers is always a cause for celebration as this is a band that always guarantees 100% effort and it always sounds as though everyone in the band is having a truly great time too.

Formed in 2002 in Malmo, Sweden Crazy Lixx is another good time band definitely influenced by the great American ‘hair’ bands of the 1980s and the musicians in the group have most definitely tailored their sound to ensure that they have a real Americana vibe about their whole ethos and delivery so can expect a sound built upon a very solid platform of Motley Crüe and Twisted Sister. Indeed, they have created the persona so perfectly that you really would expect them to be American as they have captured the strut and the swagger of sleaze rock to perfection.

Street Lethal is now album number seven and it shows a further progression on 2019’s Forever Wild with the band performing with a harder and more melodic rock edge to their beefed up sound and this suits them perfectly as they continue to hone their delivery to perfection. For sure, they maintain that party rock core sound that has served the band so well over the years and they still play with a smile which is infectious and upbeat making them a band that you simply cannot dislike; play any of their albums and you will certainly hear complimentary comments from anyone listening in on your musical enjoyment! Crazy Lixx is a band that likes to rock and everyone is invited to the party!

Is it retro? Well most certainly it is and that is deliberate as the band delights in looking back at a time when rock bands dominated the airwaves and the rock giants held sway over the masses and it would be truly marvellous if we could ever get back to those halcyon days. The line-up seems pretty settled these days with the co-founding duo of vocalist Danny Rexon and drummer Joél Cirera again working perfectly with bassist Jens Anderson and the two exceptionally talented guitarists in Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren and these crazy axmen have added some real power and energy to the band since they came on-board in 2016. If you haven’t yet heard the vocals of Danny Rexon then you must check him out as he is the epitome of the perfect frontman and his golden, soaring voice simply gets better with each new release.

In truth, Crazy Lixx could have had a great career by simply rehashing the first album for each new release but they have chosen to grow and develop their sound so you still get that exciting buzz from their upbeat and thrill seeking sleaze/glam approach but, each year, they have added to the mix as they have matured into the very fine glam/melodic hard rock crossover band that they have become today. Street Lethal is another vibrant and fresh album to add to an ever growing and glowing discography from a band that knows how to delight and most definitely knows how to rock.

Street Lethal

  1. Enter The Dojo (1:01)
  2. Rise Above (4:23)
  3. Anthem For America (3:40)
  4. The Power (4:20)
  5. Reach Out (3:38)
  6. Final Fury (2:17)
  7. Street Lethal (3:02)
  8. Caught Between The Rock N’ Roll (4:42)
  9. In The Middle Of Nothing (4:48)
  10. One Fire – One Goal (5:13)
  11. Thief In The Night (7:24)