May 22, 2021

On the back of recent their recent singles Irish inspired drinking anthem St. James’s Gate and the addictive pop punk story of a one-sided relationship ShatterCRIMSON RIOT have released a brand-new album It Took an Apocalypse via Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records. It is now available on CD and on all digital platforms.

“This album is very special for a lot of reasons. Aside from it being our first label release, we also had help from some very special people. On St. James’s Gate, the credit for the incredible Celtic instrumentation goes to High Grade Pats and our friend Ken Osborne. We were happy to have their talents assist us on this track. 

Also featured on this album is former MTV and VH1 personality Matt Pinfield who was kind enough to help us educate the masses by reading the definition of “punk” to open one of the songs. On that same tune, we had the honor and pleasure of having the helping hand of none other than Matthew Lillard (SLC Punk; Scooby Doo) to drive home that, it doesn’t matter who started punk; it’s music.’’ – CRIMSON RIOT


Crimson Riot was formed in July of 2017 when their prior band of six years, The Roxy Gunn Project, took a drastic turn as their lead guitarist had to leave due to medical issues. Having a heavy punk influence, the remaining three members decided to go a different direction with their music and follow their punk roots. Virtually overnight they created Crimson Riot.

Their prior experience performing together and reputation allowed them to hit the ground running and acquire several high profile shows right out of the gate. Crimson Riot was very well received by former fans of RGP, the media and fellow bands. Audiovein Magazine said, “Yes!, This is what you guys should have been doing all along. Perfect!” Dominic Davi (Tsunami Bomb) stated “Your worst show is some bands’ best show”.

Once the word got out, many promoters quickly jumped on booking them shows opening for touring headliners. They even caught the attention of punk icons Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger) and Greg Hetson (Bad Religion) from the Punk Rock Karaoke band and were brought in to open at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.

In 2018, Crimson Riot won Who Will Rock You?, a tv series produced and sponsored by TopGolf, beating eight other bands and gaining fans around the country, with several million views across various media platforms.

With the release of their first single and music video Here’s The Bad News Laura (The Shake Machine Is Down), a quirky, pop-punk anthem that the masses could relate to, the band became an instant hit , prompting fans to bring milkshakes to shows.

Crimson Riot’s debut album, Classy Punk For Trashy People, is an eleven song collection of original songs that include a plethora of different punk influenced styles. It received a massive pre-order from fans all around the globe. Along with hit album, Crimson Riot produced a DIY video for their single “Hurt”, grabbing over 1000 views in just a few days. The Pop Break Magazine gave it a 10 out of 10, saying “Crimson Riot is the best punk band to enter the scene in a long time. With Roxy Gunn and Chris Reject on vocals, the band sounds like a cross between Tsunami Bomb and New Found Glory.”

Crimson Riot, dubbed the “Punk Rock Partridge Family” by iHeart Radio’s Bobby Bones, is lead by singer/guitarist Roxy Gunn with her husband Chris Reject on bass guitar and additional vocals, all held together by her father Ryan J on drums. Their songs are heavy, catchy, pop punk anthems which get the crowd immersed into each story, with music that delivers a high energy soundtrack for multiple dancing styles and head-bopping.