July 30, 2021

Given the name of the band and the album title I was all prepared for a bit of power metal but, oh boy, was I surprised. The actual album cover is the first hint that this was not what I expected and when the first track kicked in with an up-tempo new wave-ish indie rocker from what sounded like an Irish Avril Lavigne meant I had to reset my expectations and actually read the accompanying biography.

So, it seems that Crimson Riot is an Irish band that formed in 2017 out of the ashes of fellow Irish punk band The Roxy Gunn Experience and they have taken their love of punk and melded it with Irish or should that be Gaelic influences including some tradition instruments including the penny whistle and some fairly typical Irish jigs. This is now the bands second album and features 12 tracks for just 34-minutes of highly infectious and up-beat punk driven, typically Irish songs in a way that maybe the Buzzcocks would have done if they had produced an album with the Dubliners.

The vocals are shared between Roxy Gunn who reminds of Imelda May and the classy tones of Chris Reject and this is very much a family affair with Roxy playing guitar and husband Chris on bass with her father Ryan J on drums. There are other musicians involved on the album too but these are not credited but there is some neat saxophone to enjoy too. The music is fun, fresh and there is a sense of real enjoyment and amusement throughout and this is one of those albums best enjoyed with friends and especially if you have a pint of a certain Irish stout in your hand.

As a certain Starship first office may have said, “It’s rock Jim but not as we know it!”

It Took An Apocalypse track list

  1. You Kill Me (2:34)
  2. Political Identity (2:46)
  3. St. James’s Gate (3:19)
  4. Girl Fight (2:30)
  5. If The Shoe Fits (3:26)
  6. Gate Keeper (2:25)
  7. Poisoned Mind (3:32)
  8. Maybe It’s You (3:23)
  9. Time (2:36)
  10. Tom Urban Legend (2:24)
  11. The Oi Song (2:02)
  12. Shatter (2:55)