June 13, 2023

Look at that Velio Josto cover artwork – it just screams “old school”! And first impression didn’t lie, as Atlanta’s Crossed Hearts is another female-fronted classic metal band, which reminds me a lot of Blood Star and Lady Beast. Forced Perspective is released today, June 13th, through the label of Haunt mastermind Trevor William Church, which in itself is another cetrificate of the band quality.

The album features nine songs that don’t deviate from the old school metal formula, with Carlee Jackson’s vocals being in the center of production, but what should be especially complimented are the killer guitar riffs and solos by Alvaro Garcia and Daniel Lerch. Songs like Bad Guy or Free Destiny, which would otherwise pass the listener by as just ordinary stuff, are benefitting a lot from the skills of the guitar players. Sometimes the vocals are too much dominant in the overall soundscape and structure of the songs, but this doesn’t mean they are not very well performed.

For a debut album, the production by Alex Parra at Second Sight Sound is excellent, allowing every instrument to shine on its own, so the pros are already much more than the cons in this review already. Check this band out.


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Forced Perspective is out now and can be ordered from HERE