July 4, 2021

And there is that word again. ‘Supergroup’ is so often used and quite often not really true as many so called supergroups are indeed just groups, maybe special, but not really a supergroup as many of us would call it and we all have our candidates for those which qualify and those which do not. This is one of the beautiful things about music in that one man’s Pink Floyd is another man’s Spice Girls, we like what we like and it is very often just a matter of personal choice. So, we now come to the brand new band Crowne and the debut album Kings In The North. I suppose what really makes a supergroup is the musicians involved and Crowne is made up of members of H.E.A.T., Europe, Art Nation and The Poodles so any fan of melodic rock is immediately going to get the concept and is virtually guaranteed to be on-board as they will know that these bands are all purveyors of the finest hard and melodic rock with just the right amount of Glam rock to put extra gloss on the diamond.

Alexander Strandell (Art Nation) supplies lead vocals with Jona Tee (H.E.A.T.) on guitar, keyboards and backing vocals with bass from John Levén (Europe) and drums courtesy of Christian Lundqvist (The Poodles). Then when you factor in guest guitar solos from Love Magnusson of Dynazty fame then you start to understand that ‘supergroup’ in not a misnomer but a true and accurate summation of the band. Together, they have produced a quite magnificent melodic rock delight that showcases everything that is good in the genre with powerhouse vocals, blistering guitar solos, huge and epic songs, wonderful vocal harmonies and a glorious over-arching steel shell that is the very essence of melodic rock. Of course, this is hard and heavy melodic rock to the Swedish template but how could it be anything other given the musicians involved? This is quality rock with a solid grounding in the wonderful sound of ’80s hair metal but thoroughly upgraded and updated for today’s new market.

The production is sharp, crisp and crystal clear and the boys are perfectly in harmony as they storm through eleven tracks of virtually perfect melodic rock. Alexander Strandell truly shines as we all know he can and the guitar work is simply breath taking. There is an element of Europe and H.E.A.T. plus virtually every other Swedish melodic rock band about the band’s sound and this helps to make it comfortable and friendly as well as fresh, brash and brand new.

Is the supergroup tag deserved? Well, yes it is but they need to put out three or four consistently great albums of this quality if they want to be up there with Europe and the likes. They are certainly capable and you will not be disappointed if you add this excellent release to your collection.

Kings In The North track list

  1. Kings In The North (3:59)
  2. Perceval (4:11)
  3. Sharoline (4:11)
  4. Unbreakable (3:48)
  5. Mad World (4:06)
  6. One In A Million (3:46)
  7. Sum Of All Fears (4:23)
  8. Set Me Free (4:07)
  9. Make A Stand (3:41)
  10. Cross To Bear (3:28)
  11. Save Me From Myself (3:38)