March 4, 2022

The band Cruzados goes back to 1983 when it was formed in Los Angeles by members of the band The Plugz and released just the two albums with the self-titled debut coming out in 1985 and After Dark in 1987. The band achieved critical acclaim particularly for their incendiary live performances and even had songs featured in the movies Roadhouse, From Dusk Till Dawn and Gun Men and also appeared as themselves in Roadhouse too.

The band then folded with the musicians moving on to other projects and, sadly, several of the original team are no longer with us but the band has now been reformed by co-founder bassist and songwriter Tony Marsico. He has brought in a spectacularly tight and talented team of musicians with vocalist Ron Young (Little Caesar), twin guitarists Loren Molinare (The Dogs) and Mark Tremalgia alongside drummer Rob Klonel.

She’s Automatic is the band’s exceptional third album and it makes you wonder just what could have happened if the original team had stayed together for longer! There are a number of guests involved and I believe that all were keen to be involved in such an iconic band and to be part of the legacy of a band that was only initially short lived but had a major impact on rock and roll. If She’s Automatic is your first experience of the band then I’m sure you will want to go back to the albums from the ’80s to compare and contrasts and there are some differences which is understandable given the amount of time that has passed and the new musicians themselves but the new band is most definitely derived from the first incarnation and the hard working rock and roll ethic of good time boogie is shared by both versions.

She’s Automatic is part rock and roll and part blues rock with a hint of Latin influences so you have something like a Rolling Stones meets The Clash with a touch of Willy DeVille thrown in for good measure. This make for a highly combustible rock album with fabulous vocals from Ron Young and probably as good a frontman as you will hear with two guitarists working in perfect harmony to provided huge riffs and searing breaks. Forget genres, this is good old fashioned rock and roll with roots firmly embedded in the ’60s but very much brought up to date for the modern market.

If you love a bit of traditional rock and roll then you will be completely blown away by this comeback album from a seriously good band with a selection of fabulous songs to keep the tempo up and grooving. The album cover is dreadful but the music contained within is exceptional.

She’s Automatic

  1. On The Tilt a Whirl (3:34)
  2. Across This Ghost Town (4:27)
  3. Nine Million Tears (3:16)
  4. She’s Automatic (3:30)
  5. Son Of The Blues (3:42)
  6. Sad Sadie (4:39)
  7. Long Black Car (3:42)
  8. Let Me Down (3:08)
  9. Wing And A Prayer (2:58)
  10. 54 Knockouts (3:30)
  11. Rock That Boat (4:36)