July 20, 2023

Anthropocene is the second album by Cry Of Dawn which is a project put together by the Swedish singer Göran Edman, a musician who has made a career out of supplying vocals to very many bands and copious studio sessions too and you will have already heard his rich, cultured tones on works by the likes of John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot, Karmakanic and Street Talk to name just a few. You have to go back to 2016 for the first self-titled album although that was also marketed with the addition tag of ‘Featuring Göran Edman’ but he must now feel that the name of Cry Of Dawn alone is enough to market the album.

Having said that, his name should be enough to pique anyone’s interest as he has built up a very solid reputation with his powerful and soulful delivery so suited to anthemic power ballads but he can also rock out with the best of them too. Edman made full use of the Frontiers roster for his debut which featured an illustrious line-up in Michael Palace (guitar/bass), Sören Kronqvist (keyboards) and Daniel Flores (drums/keyboards) and together they put out a very fine melodic rock album which, as with so many others, was based on sounds straight out of the 80s with a particular flavour of Toto and maybe just a little REO Speedwagon too.

It’s taken 7 years for the next instalment and this time Edman has brought in the genius that is Tommy Denander who shows his class and skillset by supplying all guitars, bass, keyboards and programming with drums courtesy of Fredrik Blomgren. Denander has also built up a solid reputation as a guitarist, songwriter and producer and is another musician who has worked with many of the greats in the rock business including, most prominently, Alice Cooper, so his credentials are of the highest order. Anthropocene very much follows what went before and as the adage goes ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t fix’ it so what we have here is a melodic/AOR album made very much to the strengths of the musicians that will appeal to all Toto, Dokken, Winger, Bad English and Journey fans and is quite simply immediately accessible melodic rock.

This is another of those AOR records that could have been recorded anytime over the last 50-years which is not intended as a criticism but more an observation that there remains a huge market for melodic rock and while there are still musicians of the calibre of Edman and Denander making sublime music like this then expect the market to remain and I will most definitely salute that.


  1. Devils Highway (4:58)
  2. Memory Lane (4:34)
  3. Before You Grow Old (4:20)
  4. Swan Song Of Our Love (4:29)
  5. Edge Of A Broken Heart (4:36)
  6. Sign Of The Times (4:51)
  7. Last Of The Innocent (4:28)
  8. A Million Years Of Freedom (3:40)
  9. End Of The World (4:03)
  10. Long Time Coming Home (4:25)
  11. High And Low (4:27)