July 16, 2023
Photo: Linda Florin

With only a month left until the release of CYHRA‘s new album The Vertigo Trigger, the Swedes today deliver the album’s third single IF I. The melodic metallers, based around singer Jake E (ex-Amaranthe) and guitarists Jesper Strömblad (The Halo Effect/ex-In Flames) and Euge Valovirta (ex-Shining), offer a track brimming with tuneful heaviness, ear-worm riffs, and a striking chorus. The track especially salutes the Gothenburg metal scene, meaning that IF I provides all the elements to make a perfect CYHRA song. Along with the release of the new single, the Swedes also present an accompanying new visualizer video, which can be witnessed below.

Vocalist Jake E comments: “IF I is a song that includes all the influences we all grew up with from the Gothenburg metal scene. Great melodies with a sing along chorus. The video is directed by ourselves with material captured by band and crew during our 9-show tour in Japan this past January.”

Drummer Alex Landenburg adds: “It’s probably our heaviest track so far and I just can’t get enough of that riff! Pure Gothenburg metal!”

Guitarist Euge Valovirta about the new song: “I intentionally wrote the song for one of my YouTube videos and people really liked it and were asking where they could buy it. I sent it to Jake, and even he loved it instantly. He tweaked the verse and chorus a bit to make it a bit more of a Cyhra tune and it turned out fantastic. It’s kind of an old school Gothenburg style – melodic metal song and the title is a bit of a word play about a certain band that was one of the inspirations for the song. It starts with amazing drum fill by Alex and after that the cows are out from the barn and running wild. Hell yeah!”

Marcus Sunesson adds: “IF I is one of the faster, up-tempo songs on the new album. Cyhra‘s way of paying homage to the Gothenburg scene with all the glorious melodies and riffs. A real banger and a fun song to play!”

Jesper Strömblad comments as well: “This tune is the fastest track we ever wrote. It’s so much fun to play, we can’t wait to share it with you on stage. See you in the pit!”

The Vertigo Trigger

  1. Ready To Rumble
  2. Let’s Have My Story Told
  3. Live A Little
  4. 1.000.000 Fahrenheit
  5. Buried Alive
  6. The Voice You Need To Hear
  7. Life Is A Hurricane
  8. If I
  9. Fear Of Missing Out
  10. Ashlight
  11. Too Old For Fairy Tales

Recorded in the summer/autumn of 2022, The Vertigo Trigger is the band’s darkest album to date. The album was entirely self-produced and mixed by guitarist Euge Valovirta, whilst the mastering was handled by long-term producer Jacob Hansen. This new album offers fans the classic CYHRA sound, full of the band’s trademarks, but fresh and refined. The Swedes have modernised their song writing meaning that no CYHRA fan will be disappointed, making The Vertigo Trigger a more than worthy successor to their first two albums.

And although guitarist Jesper Strömblad isn’t a part of CYHRA‘s live shows currently, he was deeply involved in the writing and recording process of the album. Therefore, the band can hardly wait for his return as soon as he is ready again.

Jake E – lead vocals
Euge Valovirta – lead guitar (and bass)
Alex Landenburg – drums
Marcus Sunesson – guitars
Jesper Strömblad – guitars (and bass)

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