March 19, 2023

Darkplace is a mysterious new Swedish dark dream pop/post-punk group who have just finished creating a conceptual debut album inspired by the bleak landscape of the Stockholm suburbs that birthed them.

Centred around an alternative reality – or just the grim present and future? – and entitled About The End Of The World, the album will be unveiled gradually over the coming months via a series of imaginative visuals based on animated digital paintings for each of its eleven tracks, commencing with first single Arken Över Hesselby (The Ark Over Hesselby). A hypnotic, swirling two minute mini-epic, the dramatic instrumental piece could certainly provide the soundtrack to the end of days and is a perfect introduction to this new and enigmatic presence on the scene.

Although rooted in late ’80s/early ’90s indie styles, Darkplace incorporate a variety of other genres into their sound. However, for the members of this highly secretive group, it is not just about the music. They perceive themselves as more an art project that happens to be exploring and commenting on the state of the world through their chosen mediums of music and video. This innovative approach is sure to turn heads.

Arken Över Hesselby is out now on the Icons Creating Evil Art label.