April 23, 2021
Davey Dodds: Photo: StudioStead Photogrpahic

The Rite of Spring is the third solo album recorded by Davey Dodds since his return to making music. The previous two albums were collections of songs whereas this meisterwerk is a full-on concept piece of many layers!

The Rite of Spring takes the listener through a Druidic Beltane ritual, culminating in a joyous, life-affirming celebration. It is Celtic, psychedelic, pagan and life-affirming.

The sound is markedly different from Davey‘s earlier, sparse, acoustic cd’s. Instead, The Rite of Spring is denser, electric and startlingly original. The idea for the album had been brewing for some time and several songs and musical pieces had been sketched out. The corona chaos trashed Davey‘s live gig and festival schedule for 2020 – in March, he was on tour in Europe with the mighty Pendragon when life started to unravel.

Rather than sink into a pit of depression, Davey pulled forward the schedule for writing and recording the new meisterwerk. He recruited a veritable constellation of geat musicians to collaborate and everyone involved has brought their magic to the project.

Corona restrictions are easing in the UK but hopes of staging some full-on live shows around Beltane (the 1st of May) in 2021 have proved overly optimistic. Instead, Davey will be playing some great festivals throughout the summer where he will perform songs from his previous album, ‘Toadstool Soup’ allong with some extracts from ‘The Rite of Spring’. There are already some special concerts booked for 2022 to perform the work with a projection show and dancers around Beltane.

Davey’s ‘core’ band – Daniel Billing – bass, Gillie Hotston – Electric violin and David Clifford – drums, along with himself on vocals, electric and acoustic octave mandolins, mandolin and flutey things, are now able to meet to rehearse. The summer of 2021 will see them rattling the rafters at some splendid venues and brewing up a storm at lots of festivals.

The adventure will continue!