January 22, 2022

Both of David Minasian’s previously released albums have been reviewed by Velvet Thunder so you can check back to look at these in detail if you wish but, basically, David Minasian’ is an American keyboard player, vocalist, songwriter and producer and, as I have said before, appears to be one of those people who can not only do just about anything but also seems to excel at everything as well.

A child prodigy who was playing piano when aged only 5 and then he turned down the chance to become a professional musician and chose a career in film productions instead. It was through this branch of the arts that he began a long and illustrious career with Camel and Justin Hayward when he began making music videos for them plus others. He had already recorded two progressive rock albums before his collaboration with Latimer and Hayward with one in 1984 and the other in 1996 but our interest begins in 2010 when he released the sublime Random Acts Of Beauty which was an intoxicating progressive rock delight and featured a stellar guest list including Andy Latimer and was re-released in 2020 at the same time as Minasian’s new progressive rock masterpiece The Sound Of Dreams which again featured an extensive guest list. Following on rapidly from these two CD is this ‘Best Of’ album which features six remixed tracks with three tracks apiece from Random Acts and Sound Of Dreams. It is being released on record as there have been many request for a vinyl release and it will also be on digital platforms with one extra track (from Sound Of Dreams) but no CD release is planned.

Again as a reminder, the guests featured are Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Andy Latimer (Camel), Annie Haslam (Renaissance) and Billy Sherwood (Yes) which is surely enough to pique the interest of any self-respecting progressive rock fan. Musically, this is a stunning mix of Genesis and Camel with beautifully fluid guitar solos and emotional orchestral/symphonic passages, wondrous swathes of keyboards and vocals that are almost too beautiful for words.

The albums are perfect examples of progressive rock and quite simply are on another level again and once heard you will have to play again and again. The music is now available for lovers of vinyl and I’m sure this record will send all audiophiles into raptures of delight.

Random Dreams: The Very Best Of David Minasian

Vinyl – Side ARandom Acts Of Beauty

  1. Masquerade (featuring Andrew Latimer) (12:08)
  2. Storming The Castle (featuring Justin Minasian) (5:22)
  3. Summer’s End (featuring Justin Minasian) (7:53)

Vinyl – Side BThe Sound Of Dreams

  1. The Wind of Heaven (featuring Justin Hayward) (Radio Edit) (8:29)
  2. The Sound of Dreams (featuring Annie Haslam/Steve Hackett/Billy Sherwood) (10:41)
  3. Room With Dark Corners (featuring Julie Ragins, Geof O’Keefe) (5:41)

Digital Release

  1. As above plus Twin Flames At Twilight (featuring Justin Minasian) (13:42)