December 22, 2020

Rejoice, the gods of metal have bequeathed a great boon to the people of planet earth and it is called Death Dealer, a truly monumental behemoth that delights in heavy metal played the old way – loud, direct and designed to punch you straight between the eyes. If you haven’t heard of Death Dealer then prepare to be amazed as this is a band that trades in first magnitude heavy metal mayhem with music that truly is designed to make you head bang so hard that your head will end up in another dimension completely!

If you do know them then similarly rejoice as the band has followed up the simply amazing 2015 metal extravaganza Hallowed Ground with another slab of hard and heavy rock that takes everything good from the rock giants of the ’70s and updates it for today’s highly discerning metal market to make rock that is designed to shatter strategic arms limitation treaties! The band was put together as a project in 2012 with the stunning War Master debut coming out in 2013 and it was a metal album that simply took no prisoners with no fancy keyboards or orchestral parts just lots of guitars, furious drumming and a vocal delivered from a man sounding like he was just one very small step ahead of the devil’s grasp. The vocalist, of course, is the air raid siren that is Sean Peck (Cage, The Three Tremors, Denner/Shermann) and a man steeped in the Rob Halford school of singing in that he has a huge and powerful range and can scream the high notes as well as the great man himself. Then add the mercurial guitarist that is Ross The Boss aka Ross Friedman, founder member of The Dictators and Manowar and successful solo artist as well plus fellow guitarist Australian Stu Marshall (Dungeon, Paindivision, Empires Of Eden) and you have a twin guitar attack almost without equal. Combine these with the incendiary pairing of Rhino on drums and Mike Davison bass and the recipe for metal gold was complete. That stunning debut was, amazingly, bettered with Hallowed Ground by which time the imperious Steve Bolognese (Ross The Boss, Into Eternity) came in on drums and the new album took everything that the debut had done and then magnified it by a factor of ten – trust me – it is a metal masterpiece and should be in every self respecting heavy metal fan’s collection.

Now we come to album number three and the band has been tweaked again with Mike Davis relinquishing drumming duties due to other commitments but the all star approach continues as the majestic Mike LePond has come into the band and LePond as I’m sure you all know is the bassist with Symphony X and they do not really come much bigger than them. LePond has also been recording and touring with Ross The Boss as well as recording with his own band Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins and is currently as hot as he has ever been. If you have heard anything by Cage, Ross The Boss or The Three Tremors then you will know what to expect from Conquered Lands as this is 47-minutes of unrelenting heavy metal with eleven gloriously written songs of mayhem with the usual epic fantasy lyrics that commands your attention from the very beginning and even grabs you by the heart, throat and balls and squeezes until your eyes water! I have never understood those who say that they do not like heavy rock as this is music at its most elemental with an essential fury that nothing else can come close to matching. Death Dealer has it all as a band with musicians who are all masters of their dark art and if you like screaming vocals, wailing guitars and drums and bass that burns into your brain then you are going to love this album. Conquered Lands is an album that is essential and will re-affirm everything that you love about hard rock and if you buy only one album this year then here it is as heavy metal just does not get better. The album cover is simply stunning too and just a quick glance at it is enough to tell you what the album is going to be like. The tracks are all short and are around 4 to 5-minutes so no extended fantasy epics just straight forward heavy metal as developed by Judas Priest and now refined by

Death Dealer: Guitars, guitars and more guitars and Sean Peck on top form, it is simply immense and an essential purchase.

Conquered Lands track list

  1. Sorcerer Supreme (4:32)
  2. Every Nation (3:45)
  3. Beauty And The Blood (4:49)
  4. The Heretic Has Returned (3:45)
  5. Conquered Lands (4:40)
  6. Hail To The King (4:16)
  7. Slay Or Be Slain (4:48)
  8. Faith Under Fire (3:30)
  9. 22 Gone (4:53)
  10. Born To Bear the Crown (3:23)