January 30, 2024

DEATH X DESTINY returns with fierce second single Eternal (what do you see?) with an ethereal official music video to match.

With a soulful start Moon‘s vocals are captivating seamlessly moving into fierce guitars, peppered with hard hitting rhythms, and Jonny McBee‘s heavy vocals. The release captures elements of Electronic-Rock/Metal, Industrial, fusing the genres with synthesizers for an eerie yet gritty soundscape. Carefully shifting between brutal to serene Eternal (what do you see?) is another testament to the duos prowess. 

In his own words, Jonny McBee , “This is likely the best, most dynamic yet cohesive song I’ve ever written.” 

DEATH X DESTINY is an electronic-rock duo founded by The Browning frontman Jonny McBee and debut singer, Moon, in 2023.


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