February 22, 2022

Degreed is another in an exceptionally long list of impressive hard melodic rock bands from Sweden and their latest release, Are You Ready, is album number six in a successful career since the band formed back in 2010. The previous five albums have all been delicious hard rock albums built on a very melodic platform and all a pleasing mixture of the Scandinavian sounds of Europe, Treat and H.E.A.T. plus any other AOR band you care to mention.

The key word has always been quality and the standard has always been set very high by the band. Are You Ready sees, maybe, a harder edge to the band’s delivery but it is still very much a melodic rock album built around the exemplary vocals of Robin Erikkson and if you get chance you should also check out his recent solo album recorded under the name of Robin Red. Erikkson has a wondrous rock voice being smooth yet powerful and he very much drives the core sound of the band. His brother Mats is a powerhouse on drums with Robin also playing bass and they work perfectly together. Another key factor in the bands superior delivery is the thrilling guitar work of Daniel Johansson and he lays down tasty riffs and wonderfully soaring solos with Mikael Blanc supplying lush accompanying keyboards and some great piano work too.

Together, degreed are consummate professionals and master song writers with each track very quickly becoming like an old friend and you are soon singing along with the choruses. Some great vocal harmonies help make this yet another radio friendly AOR album and an instant hitting one too with everything about it being fresh, vibrant and all is delivered with total passion and belief. Old and established fans will love this as it is instantly recognisable as degreed but it is also new, bright and thrillingly up-tempo so will appeal to just about any rock fan.

Sit back and listen to these great musicians having a ball as they bring you an amazing volume of music and thrill as the album opens up for your pleasure and revel in great vocals and guitar in a true melodic rock masterclass.

Are You Ready

  1. Into The Fire (3:23)
  2. Higher (3:48)
  3. Feed The Lie (3:42)
  4. Radio (4:50)
  5. Are You Ready (3:15)
  6. Burning (3:26)
  7. Falling Down (3:47)
  8. Lost In Paradise (3:47)
  9. Turn Back (4:06)
  10. We Will Win (3:28)
  11. Desire (3:18)