April 15, 2024

We had to wait almost 6 long years for a new album from Florida’s satanic extremists Deicide but the wait will soon be over. Armed with a new label and a new guitar player, Glen Benton and Co. are here to drive a hammer of an album into your unsuspecting heads and ears. The new guy on guitar is no other than Taylor Nordberg who already has an impressive CV with Soilwork, Massacre and Ribspreader (to name a few). Kevin Quirion is playing on his third Deicide full length and the lineup is completed by band founders Glen Benton and Steve Asheim.

The band’s thirteenth album Banished By Sin impresses from the start with a super-dense, yet warm production, courtesy of Jeramie Kling at Smoke & Mirrors Productions with mixing and mastering done by Josh Wilbur (Gojira, Lamb of God). The result is face-melting: From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall (not a singer-friendly lyric to repeat in the chorus, haha) and Doomed To Die are absolute blueprints for old school Deicide, with even the pleasant surprise of Benton’s high-pitched screaming vocals re-introduced again, after he almost forgot them in Overtures Of Blasphemy. The fact that all four members have equally contributed (3 songs each) with music for this new album speaks of how inspired and determined the band was in the studio. The album sounds consistently strong from start to finish, with some highlights being Ritual Defied (with its super-catchy verses and pre-chorus) and the speedy bone-breakers Woke From God, A Trinity Of None and the closing The Light Defeated. But you also have the more progressive Faithless (with some multi-layered opening harmonies) and especially the title track, which is a tornado of mind blowing guitar riffs, harmonies and solos, with the insane multi-tracked vocals by Benton completing the infernal atmosphere.

Sever The Tongue is another highlight, with its stop-start rhythm section torturing the listener in a really effective way, which brings us to the one more absolutely stellar (even inhuman) performance by Steve Asheim. What a beast! I’ve already mentioned the fantastic solo guitars of both Quirion and Nordberg and I will say it once again that this is without a doubt among the best guitar performances on a Deicide album since The Stench Of Redemption. Easily Deicide’s best work for the last 17 years, Banished By Sin casts a shadow over a lot of the contemporary acts in extreme music and just shows the youngsters how it’s done. The album is not only a lesson in brutality, but a crowning achievement and a testament of the Floridians’ enduring legacy in metal. Rejoice!


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Banished By Sin will be out on April 26th via RPM and can be pre-ordered from HERE