November 16, 2023

I really hope there’s no reader here who would need a clarification who these guys are and why they have nothing to do with German legends Destruction. If I am wrong, then, shame on you! Cleveland’s Destructor (named after an Exciter song) will celebrate their fortieth anniversary next year and most of you probably know them with their speed metal classic Maximum Destruction, which came out in 1985. It presented a unique mix of US power metal and thrash, with a very distinctive touch on the power chords and tempo-changes, which made the sound of Destructor unmistakable among the sea of bands.

The band has weathered through lots of hardships in their long career, with the most significant being the tragic loss of original bassist Dave “Holocaust” Iannicca, after which the band ceased its existence for almost a decade. Destructor reformed in 1999 and have been around ever since, meanwhile releasing an EP and three more full-lengths. Now, the line-up includes original members Dave Overkill (vocals, guitars) and Matt Flammable (drums) alongside Tim Hammer (playing the bass since 2014) and Mark Hellhound on guitars, joining last year.

The fifth full length, appropriately titled Blood, Bone, And Fire comes out six years after its predecessor on November 24th and blasts another metal spike deep in the faces of unbelievers and enemies of metal. Have a look at that cover artwork! Yes, that’s the exact visual representation of what kind of music you will experience. The title track includes all the trademarks we love Destructor for, with the “nervous” stop-start rhythm guitars and the frenetic, sometimes chaotic, but always very powerful percussions. Iron Clad and Never Surrender are absolute metal anthems, showing the commanding presence of Dave’s vocals. His way of delivering these verses is so convincing and over-the-top that you just can’t help headbanging all the time. These men eat and bleed metal. Have a listen to Storm Upon The World or Heroic Age and honestly tell me the hair on your arms didn’t raise. Blood, Bone, And Fire not only has some of the best ever songs in Destructor’s discography, but the production is also stellar, with just the right amount of grit and old school attitude in the mix. Hammering The Steel is probably the fastest and heaviest song of the bunch, the frenzied tempo splitting your skull in two, before the closing epic Dominate forcing the finishing blow. When you think it couldn’t get better, a total face-melting guitar solo starts at 1:49, flowing into harmony guitars and then finishing the song with the starting riff. This is metal heaven.

I don’t know how this is possible, but Destructor have delivered their best album 39 years after the band started and they sound better and hungrier than ever. Blood, Bone, And Fire is a testament to the power of metal, stripped from everything superfluous, just three men playing their hearts out. Amazing.


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Blood, Bone, And Fire is out on November 24th via Shadow Kingdom Records and you can order it from HERE or HERE