September 18, 2020

Devon-born filthy rock duo Moriaty have returned to the stage with their new album The Die is Cast, which is out on 23rd October via Easy Action Records.

Having recently announced their return with their foot-tapping and infectious single Shake Moriaty now reveal a more vulnerable and personal side to their music with new video single Balls Out Of The Bath.

Vocalist Jordan West found his mother in the bathroom after she suffered a heart attack.

My mum was a huge character, a 5ft4″ Glaswegian firecracker, who taught me and most other people she ever met how to connect their lives and fulfil their potential. She was deeply flawed, but unbelievably charismatic and amazing. She died after long period of fighting diabetes and high blood pressure. Balls out of the Bath became about her and more importantly about the time that she died. I went to check on her one night and found her on the floor in the toilet.”

What can be considered as an elegy, an ode to Jordan’s mother, Mary – ‘Balls out of the Bath’ is a juxtaposition between balls to the wall beefy riffs combined with an emotive lyrical lament complete with piano section that serves as an outlet for grief, reflection, and healing.

Jordan continues to explain the cause of his mother’s death and how he has inherited some of her personality traits that inspire him to live his life in a positive way.

“High blood pressure makes the heart work really hard and thus, the muscle grows. At some point, the muscle grows so big that it completely stops blood flow, and standing up quickly, particularly after being on the toilet or lying in bed, causes a rise in pressure and can be the straw that broke the camel’s back as such… its what happened to Elvis! So the song eventually became about that, but more importantly the hours and days that followed. I wanted to give a nod to the amazing skills my mum left with me, particularly with the lines “in the dark she turned the light on’, as she was always able to make me see things in a positive light when things were hard or I had hit a wall, and the ‘just smile and breathe’ line was something she always used to say when facing challenges or having to deal with idiots!”

Moriaty have now revealed the artwork and track list for The Die is Cast set for October 23rd 2020 release date.

The Die Is Cast track list

1. LOL
2. Shake
3. 24-7
4. Balls out of the Bath
5. OH
6. Cognitive Dissonance
7. Keep On Keeping On
8. Sonny
9. Bills
10. John Wayne
11. The Die Is Cast
12. Netflix

Jordan reveals the overall message of the album. “The Die is Cast is about change. Change in both our personal and professional lives. Deaths, Births, the ending and beginning of relationships, the dramatic changes in technology, and the political landscape of the entire world over just a few years.”


Plagued in equal measures by both success and heartache over the last few years, Moriaty’s attempts to finish and release ‘The Die Is Cast’ had been halted by births, deaths, obsession, redemption and of course – COVID 19. Much of these personal experiences have been poured into the making of ‘The Die Is Cast’, sitting side-by-side with more encompassing observations on the modern social, political and technological state.

Historically, the duo have enjoyed some true hallmark moments. Having supported Muse in Exeter’s Great Hall on the 2015 ‘Psycho’ tour and performed with Seasick Steve at Perranoorth Watering Hole in 2018 – both by personal request – a performance at Leopallooza Festival in 2019 brought Thom Yorke into their keen fanbase. Members of Bristolian rock outfit IDLES have also starred in previous Moriaty videos.


October 30th – The Junction – Plymouth
December 5th – Get Rad Festival, Plymouth UK
January 24th – Attitude Festival, Exchange, Bristol UK


Jordan West – Vocals, Guitar, Baritone, Keys
Matthew Partridge – Vocals, Drums