May 12, 2020

Dexter Ward is a joint Italian/Greek band with members from Venice and Athens and was formed in 2009 when vocalist Mark Dexter aka Marco Concoreggi and guitarist Manolis Karazeris left the Greek power metal band Battleroar. Their name of Dexter Ward being taken from the novel The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by American horror/fantasy novelist H P Lovecraft, a title well suited to their sword and sorcery/fantasy/epic form of heavy rock and power metal. They quickly brought on board guitarist Akis Pastras and bassist John Tsimas with drums courtesy of Stelios Darakis, a line up which they still have to this day. A promo was released in 2010 as well as an EP with the debut, Neon Lights, coming in 2011.

Over the years they have played with many power and prog metal bands, and they have absorbed influences from Crimson Glory, Jag Panzer, Virgin Steele and, of course, Iron Maiden to enable them to become a fast and furious metal band with epic fantasy driving much of the themes of their material.  Mark Dexter has a fine metal voice and gives a powerful and commanding performance with a twin guitar attack that does not take prisoners. This is classic metal with a definite ’70s feel and is uncomplicated, heavy, loud and glorious! The musicians are on top form, all are extremely skilled and their songwriting is ambitious and most accomplished. Metal needs to be played at maximum volume to be fully appreciated, and when cranked to the max this is wonderful indeed.