May 16, 2020

As the fourth part of a string of singles releases from his upcoming album Blues with Friends, Dion has just released I Got Nothin with Van Morrison & Joe Louis Walker. Says Dion about the song: “You know when you sit down and you want to write a song, but nothing comes to mind? I was having one of those days. So, I went with the feeling and this is what I got. I got nothin’, and nothing is enough! It’s more than enough, actually, when you’re singing it with Van Morrison and Joe Louis Walker complemented us perfectly.” The track can be downloaded via

Dion’s Blues With Friends, to be released on Keeping The Blues Alive Records (KBTA) on 5th June, represents the fulfillment of a lifelong vision. Dion explains the album’s impetus, “I wanted an album of songs that were strong and memorable and told stories that were worth telling.” His songwriting efforts were supported by a cadre of great players, each of whom jumped at the chance to collaborate with a music legend they think
of in heroic terms! The 14 original songs also include contributions from Jeff Beck, Rory Block, Joe Bonamassa, Samantha Fish, Billy Gibbons, John Hammond Jr., Sonny Landreth, Joe Menza, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Setzer, Stevie Van Zandt, Jerry and Jimmy Vivino, Joe Louis Walker….

Last week saw the release of Bam Bang Boom, with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame. “This is another song that started as phrases I wanted to sing. ‘I stepped into love’, the lyric does a good job of describing what happened when I first met Susan. We were both teenagers. She was new to my
very Italian neighborhood in the Bronx and she was a redheaded transplant from Vermont. Bam bang boom! Billy Gibbons was
a joy to work with on this. There’s nobody like him.”

About Keeping The Blues Alive Records:
The label is an offshoot of Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Joe Bonamassa’s non-profit that aims to conserve the art of
music and the rich culture and history of the blues, recognized as a true American art form. Bonamassa along with his long-time
manager, Roy Weisman, have taken the next step by creating a new record label, Keeping The Blues Alive (KTBA) Records.
The label’s objective is to provide a platform for musical talent in blues and blues-rock based music and helping promote the
careers of extraordinary musical talent. The label works synergistically with the non-profit’s mission of supporting musicians to
continue the legacy of the blues. 10% of all profits from KTBA Records will be donated to the non-profit.
The label is an important step in the co-evolution of the music and the business of making it. It represents another of
Bonamassa’s continuing efforts over the last 25 years in support the artistic community. It reflects the philosophy of paying it
forward just as so many did for Joe in the hope of paving the way for blues-rock stars in the future.

Dion’s Blues With Friends is released by KTBA Records on June 5th via<>