October 30, 2021

I do not believe that there is anyone who would not admit that Udo Dirkschneider is a legend and a real force of nature who keeps releasing ever excellent metal albums; it is what he does and he does it well!

This 3-track EP has been released under the name of Dirkschneider & The Old Gang aka DATOG as sees the former Accept vocalist combining with long time colleagues Peter Baltes (ex-Accept) on bass and he shares lead vocals with Udo, Stefan Kaufmann (UDO, ex-Accept) on rhythm guitar, Mathias Dieth (Sinner, UDO) on lead guitar plus Udo’s son Sven on drums. It is an impressive line-up for sure and is given an extra touch of class by the sublime and serene vocals of Manuela Bilbert who blends in perfectly.

The three tracks are wonderfully soaring melodic metal classics and show just how powerful the German metal bands currently are. Of course, the sound is UDO and Accept inspired how it could be anything else but if you are a fan of the big man then this is an EP that you simply must have. Udo Dirkschneider is in a very rich vein of form at the moment and long may he continue.

Arising EP

  1. Face Of A Stranger (4:57)
  2. Every Heart Is Burning (5:30)
  3. Where The Angels Fly (4:57)