December 9, 2020

I’m not sure what it is about Australian rock bands but they all seem to be most adept at producing timeless, down and dirty rock and roll and always from hard working, hard living and hard drinking musicians. Dirty Rats is another in a long line of glorious, time served rock bands specialising in hard hitting and insistent hard rock derived from the blues and delivered loud and direct, just like a punch to the gut.

What I love about Australians is that they have no pretentions or false grandeur, they say it like it is and if you do not like what they say then tough. They see straight through the hyperbole and immediately cut to the chase, good on yer mate! This is even shown in the publicity that came with this album that states that Dirty Rats is ‘a no-bullshit Aussie pub rock band’ so you know immediately what you are getting. I used to love the ’70s pub rock bands we had in the UK and whilst punk did not kill progressive rock it most certainly killed pub rock except for maybe Dr Feelgood but they had already transcended into mainstream acceptance so were pretty much untouchable. Sadly, the demise of the UK pub rock band left a void that has never been filled but it seems that this culture survived and thrived down under mainly, I suppose, because of the size of the place and that little clubs, beer and rock and roll go so well together. Dirty Rats started out in 1982 in Melbourne and have certainly played more than their share of bars, clubs and dives and this school of hard knocks has allowed the band to develop into the grizzled, hard hitting and ferocious band that they are today. They have all of the attributes of the finest Aussie bands like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and have brought in elements of MC5 and Motorhead to give a crunching hard guitar edge to their delivery. The history of the band is long and convoluted and reads almost like a thriller but they have beaten the odds and after several setbacks and they have always come back stronger so what we have here before us is the band at its prime and giving rock and roll a real good kicking! This is the band’s second album following on from the short but quite brilliant Rock And Roll released last year and they have kept the same line-up in Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich on vocals, Jamie Beovich on bass, Anthony (Chooka) Chapple on guitar and Andy Thomson on drums. The band specialises in old school rock that kicks ass, no frills or pretentions but great songs played with passion and skill and designed to be played as loud as you can get and best enjoyed with friends and a few tinnies.

End In Tears track list

  1. The Juice (3:09)
  2. Axis Of Love (2:21)
  3. Love From A Distance (3:15)
  4. End In Tears (2:53)
  5. Jaded (3:08)
  6. The Ballad Of Hobbit Foot (2:57)
  7. Hurts Like A Mother (4:55)
  8. Boss Of Me (3:04)
  9. My Life Is A Cliché (3:22)
  10. Fantasy (3:36)
  11. Bad News Woman (3:26)
  12. Rat Rock (2:46)
  13. Rock Star (3:32)