October 25, 2021

Well, it seems that Divine Anger is not so much a band but more a statement of intent; the publicity states that the band is from another dimension and the and the accompanying PR shot shows a Manga type stylised drawing of the band so these are musicians who like a little mystery and intrigue!

Guru Of Hate is the band’s debut release and is a five track EP featuring 21-minutes of extremely explosive and angry rock with amazing and intense riffs, killer solos and vocals that switch from growls to clean and very much keeps you guessing as to what is to come next. A little bit of digging shows that the band was started in 2015 by Barry Ross on bass and Luke Krämer on guitar and later expanded to incorporate Miskai Hayashi on synthesizers, someone known only as J.J. on guitar, Damon on drums and the intriguingly titled ART3M on vocals. Apparently, they are all from different countries so they have brought a wealth of stories and experiences to the band and the EP shows a variety of metal styles that promises much from them.

There is a bit of a concept about the EP with the tracks relating to WW II and there is an element of Trivium and Killswitch Engage about their sound but you will surely find other bands in there too. They seem to delight in switching styles and sounds so you are never sure what you are going to get and it is difficult to get a true feel for the band based on just 21-minutes of content but there is enough high energy metal here to make sure the full debut is eagerly anticipated.

Guru Of Hate track list

  1. Guru Of Hate (2:33)
  2. Behind The Wall (3:21)
  3. Always Now (Remixed) (4:00)
  4. D-Day (5:14)
  5. When Angels Sleep (5:33)