April 7, 2022

Dominoe is a German classic rock band from Munich that was formed in 1987 by vocalist Jörg Sieber and guitarist Robert Papst. They have released several albums over the years but you have to go back to 2002 for the last studio release which was No Silence, No Lambs. The band recorded the digital single Coming Home in 2021 which featured the sadly departed Jimi Jamison and it seems that this single has generated a fair amount of interest in the band’s back catalogue. This prompted the band to go back over the old recordings especially as some had previously not had digital releases and they decided that the original version of No Silence, No Lambs was just not right and it needed a lot of time and effort to bring it up to date. No Silence, No Lambs is remastered form but only for the digital market at the moment with the work done on the material being rather extensive and it does indeed very much sound like a new album and a CD release is planned for later in the year and the band is now not only working on new material but is also going through all of the old songs to re-invent them for a new audience!

Dominoe is very much a classic rock band with influences from the Beatles and you can also detect bands like the Korgis too so it is rock but with pop music leanings. Jörg Sieber has a great rock voice and all of the musicians involved on the album can be pleased with their work and it shows just what can be done these days with all of the facilities available in a modern studio. The music was there but it shows just how valuable sound, mixing and production engineers are to the recording process as Robert Papst has done a staggering job here to produce what can only be described as a brand.

No Silence, No Lambs (Director’s Cut)

  1. No More Money (3:41)
  2. Loocie (3:21)
  3. All Our Senses (3:55)
  4. On The Safe Side (2:51)
  5. No Way Out (3:59)
  6. Don’t Cry For Love (4:07)
  7. Keep My Secret (3:44)
  8. Let It Rain (3:23)
  9. Dark Dogs (3:35)
  10. Turn Off These Sad Songs (4:01)
  11. No Silence…No Lambs (1:04)