April 24, 2022

Don Fernando is an Australian stoner rock band from Melbourne with You Are My Blood being the bands first ever live album which was recorded at The Cherry Bar in Melbourne on the band’s 10th anniversary. This recording must then date from around 5-years or so ago as the band was formed in 2006 and has released three studio albums to date.

The tracks on this release all features from these three albums and shows a furious and energetic stoner band delivering a raw and blistering rock set to an enthusiastic audience and you just can tell that it is some smoky, sweaty and dark drinking den and you just want to be there, at the front and getting down with the band. Some bands tend to be so much better in the live environment that on record and you get the feeling that Don Fernando is such a band. Rolling, sprawling guitars fight with pounding Phil Lynott type bass leads and set up a wall of sound over which Andy Simpson lays down some pretty mean and angry vocals. This is Simpson’s band and there have been a fair few musicians through the ranks but guitarist and singer remains constant and is the real heartbeat of the band.

This is music is the raw being vital and in your face with plenty of swaggering attitude and isn’t that exactly what rock and roll is supposed to be about? The album is a digital only release available from the usual digital platform and is well worth a listen but play loudly with beer in hand and just keep wishing that you had been there!

You Are My Blood

  1. The Setting Sun (4:14)
  2. Take You (2:37)
  3. Don’t Go (1:48)
  4. Haunted By Humans (3:53)
  5. If I Said (6:25)
  6. Rise In Sea (4:53)
  7. Motherload (4:06), Welcome To The Fold (5:05)
  8. Running And Hiding (4:35)