February 18, 2021

The curiously titled Door 964 is a new band from the delightful city of Oulu in Finland and it is a beautiful place I know very well. Whilst the band is new, the musicians are hardly youngsters with all of them being veterans of the Finnish rock scene and line-up with Sami Huotari on vocals and bass, Risto Silenius on guitar, Mika Pohjola on keyboards and Matti Torro on drums. They are a confident and assured melodic rock band with a style derived from the1970’s and there is more than a touch about them of the thrilling Boston debut but they have fused this glorious and epic sound with a little of the power metal of Freedom Call to give their sound a heavier flavour. There is actually a distinct Germanic feel to the album which is most probably due to the vocals of Sami Huotari which sound a little like Klaus Meine.

The album is relatively short at only 36 minutes but the eight featured tracks are all very well written with plenty of hooks and vocal harmonies and it only takes a couple of plays before the material sounds like old friends. As the publicity states ‘Door 964 is not trying to innovate the wheel again‘ which is something that I would suggest is impossible to do with melodic rock. Let’s face it, Journey wrote the template and perfected melodic rock to the extent that it has never been bettered nor will it ever be. However, that doesn’t and hasn’t stopped bands coming along with their take on AOR with each adding to the genre as every new band has always brought us something special.

Door 964 has released a pleasing and entertaining melodic rock debut with a collection of great and easy listening songs that feature excellent vocals and thrilling guitar, a great start to their career and it will be interesting to see what developments they make when they get round to that important second album. If melodic rock is your scene then you will surely enjoy listening to this most pleasing of albums from a team of fine musicians.

C.O.T.D. track list

  1. Fire At Will (4:56)
  2. Once Again (4:30)
  3. C.O.T.D. (4:53)
  4. Face To Face (4:01)
  5. Wings (4:12)
  6. W.TL.K. (5:15)
  7. Childhood Heroes (4:00)
  8. Worlds Collide (4:06)