February 23, 2020

Double Experience is the Canadian duo of Brock Tinsley on guitar and Ian Nichols on vocals and bass and was formed in 2011. Self styled nerd rockers, they cite Weezer, Coheed and Cambria and Muse as major influences and describe their music as in the prog rock genre.

Alignments (Neutral) is a10-minute EP and part of a bigger plan to release three EPs and then a full debut in the Spring 2020. There will be a theme or concept if you based upon the character alignments in the Dungeons & Dragons universe particularly on good V evil and law V chaos. Seems a strange one to me but you’ve got to love a concept, haven’t you? Basically, the three tracks here are short, guitar based songs very much in Coheed & Cambria territory with excellent vocals and plenty of hooks and riffs. It’s difficult to form an opinion based on 10-minutes of music.

Double Experience, return with their second EP Alignments (Good) which is part of a planned three EP set.  The three songs on Alignments (Neutral) showed a guitar driven band fusing indie, garage and progressive rock to make for an enjoyable romp in Muse and Coheed & Cambria territory but with some of the pop sensibilities and drive of Weezer and the Kaiser Chiefs. The second EP features a further three tracks with a total running time of ten minutes so you can only get a flavour of the band and its music but all seems to be a little more in eclectic indie territory but keeping all the factors of the first – short and direct songs with great vocals and enterprising and absorbing riffs. Definitely a band to keep tabs on, the next EP – due March 2020 and, ultimately, debut album should reveal more.