January 26, 2020

Dragonfly is a power metal band that formed in Argentina in 2000 and then re-located to Spain in 2001 so they have plenty of experience behind them and they also have the confidence to back their sound by singing in Spanish – and I always find it refreshing when a band offers their music in their native tongue rather than pampering to international convention by singing in English. I’m sure Rammstein would have worked well but would they have had the same impact if Till Lindemann had delivered English rather that German vocals or PFM for that matter?

Zeitgeist is their sixth release and there have been many changes over the years and, actually, the band no longer contains any original members which is always just a little bit sad. The current line-up is Pablo Solano on vocals, Juanba Nada on bass and vocals, Victor González on guitar, Isauro Aljaro on keyboards and Jorge Alcázar on drums. There is much of the symphonic rock movement about this release and each track has an epic quality and that special orchestral feel that works so well with power metal. The different vocal approaches of Solano and Nada work well when combined together and the guitar is exquisite especially so on the balledic Un Ultimo Adios with its rich acoustic guitar being full of emotion. Power metal is getting to be a crowded genre at the moment and the Italian bands tend to bring something a little different to the genre than that of the German heavyweights, and now we can add Dragonfly to the list of important but different power metal bands – and singing in Spanish certainly does make them stand out.

There is nothing new about what the band bring to power metal, and that isn’t an issue in itself, but they do bring freshness and originality which should stand them in good stead.