March 5, 2023

The German hard rock/heavy metal band Dreamtide was formed in Hannover in 2000 by the Fair Warning guitarist Helge Engelke and he brought in a talented team of musicians to bring the project to life with vocalist Olaf Senkbeil (ex-Jacks Hammer), drummer CC Behrens (Fair Warning/Silent Circle), keyboard player Torsten Luederwaldt and bassist Ole Hempelmann (ex-Thunderhead/Running Wild. Together, they released two excellent metal albums in Here Comes the Flood (2001) and Dreams For The Daring (2003) with the former Scorpions bass man Francis Buchholz joining in 2007 for album number three, Dream and Deliver, which was came out in 2008 winning many plaudits from fans and critics alike. Dreamtide took bands like Judas Priest, Accept and Helloween as a template and gave the music their own flavour by combining heavy metal with a melodic approach so the songs were hard and heavy yet melodious with a great harmony throughout, hooks aplenty and appealing, entertaining vocals.

Dream And Deliver was the last album by the band until they got back together again for Drama Dust Dream which is an exciting continuation of the Dreamtide story and a great rock album with the musicians having evolved greatly since 2008 so there is a real maturity about the new album whilst remaining true to the original band vibe. Engelke, Senkbeil and Luederwaldt all reprise their roles with the new musicians Lars Lehmann coming in on bass and he has worked with the likes of UFO and Uli Roth so is an ideal choice to take over the duties of Buchholz with Horst Guntram Schlag on drums.

If you have heard the earlier albums then you will immediately recognise the band as the sound and core values remain the same with Lars Lehmann and Guntram Schlag seamlessly slotting into their positions and seem to have instantly forged a great rapport. Helge Engelke shows himself to be the master guitarist we all know that he is with some beautifully delivered sols and there is a great touch with a number of shorter acoustic tracks throughout the album which shows another dimension of the band’s repertoire.

If you liked and loved the earlier work of Dreamtide then you will be thrilled that the success story continues with Drama Dust Dream.

Drama Dust Dream

  • Stop Being Deep (4:22)
  • Spin (5:30), Around (5:06)
  • Ni Dos Ni Agua (2:45)
  • All Of Us (5:04)
  • Merciless Sun (5:34)
  • Dawn (2:29), One Rule (4:49)
  • Drop The Curtain (6:27)
  • A Fairy Prank (1:40)
  • For The Fairies (5:29)
  • Leisure Saints (4:23)