December 16, 2022

Drive at Night is a new project put together in 2021 by the Swedish musicians Joachim Nordlund, the guitarist with Astral Doors, and Johan Lindstedt, the drummer with SunStroke. The two musicians have known each other for quite some time and it has long been their intention to put an album together built around 1980s melodic rock principles. Indeed, the opening track can be seen as something of a statement of intent being named The ’80s Calling and there you have the raison d’être laid out before you.

Nordlund shows his multi-instrumental skills as he plays guitar, keyboards and bass with Lindstedt obviously supplying the drums. Nordlund is indeed a talented musician and his guitar work is exciting and exemplary with lots of searing breaks and churning riffs to admire and all backed by some lush and florid keyboards to make this melodic rock with quite a hard edge. It’s typically standard Scandinavian melodic rock so slots neatly into the territory of bands like Treat, Europe and Talisman with neat songs and lots of hooks to keep you entertained. The only problem I have is that Nordlund provides the vocals too and they are OK but just a little forced and strained and totally not in keeping with the excellent music.

If Drive At Night is to become a serious band then a singer needs to be brought in to give the band the edge that it is so obviously missing at the moment. As I said, Nordlund as a singer is OK but no more than that so my recommendation would be to concentrate on the guitars and bring in a new vocalist which would do wonders for the project and, as we all know, there are so many of them in Sweden just looking for a band like this. Great album cover though.

Echoes Of An Era

  1. The 80’s Calling (3:45)
  2. The Youth Of Today (3:59)
  3. Partners In Crime (3:53)
  4. Weekend Fun (3:19)
  5. Endless Kind Of Love (3:31)
  6. One (3:22), Wake Up (3:06)
  7. Kings Of Kings (3:19)
  8. Wild In The Streets (3:39)
  9. Time (4:44)
  10. High Enough (3:52), United (3:44)