March 10, 2024

The earth shattering Dymytry hail from Prague in the Czech Republic having formed in 2003 and they now have a number of albums already in their locker but most were Czech only releases with 2022’s Revolt being the first to receive an international release. They play a hard and rewarding psy-core with a corresponding industrial grindcore built on pounding bass and drums and crunching riffs although Revolt and now Five Angry Men have seen the band developing a more mainstream hard rock approach but the industrial elements most definitely remain.

The band definitely has a social conscious as they love to rail against the injustice in the world and the way we treat our fellow citizens but they do this with style, panache and with a self-deprecating smile on their lips as they know how difficult it is to change the social order but five angry voices are a start!

Only guitarist Jiři Urban remains from the original line-up and there have been numerous personnel changes over the years with the rest of the team being  Jan Görgel on guitar, Artur Mikhaylov on bass and Miloš Meier on drums and all three have been with the band around 15-years with vocalist Alen Ljubić being the relative new boy having joined in 2021 and it is he who made such an impact with his stellar performance on Revolt.

Dymytry is another of those bands who delight in mystery and they use a variety of rather frightening masks to hide their identities but this is all part of their oft-times subversive message to the world at large. The music is guitar heavy, not surprising given that they have two excellent guitarists, with lots of hard and heavy riffs and sublime solos with a deafening rhythm section giving the industrial metal undercurrent but there are also moments of perfect clarity with some sublime ballads not least being the exquisite Legends Never Die which is a cover of the song from Against The Current and they make a great job of it too with Ljubić giving it a power and resonance that the original with its female vocals does not. Indeed, Alen Ljubić is revelatory and is perhaps the final piece in the jigsaw which should give the band real impetus to take the hard rock world by storm.

Five Angry Men is another of those albums that must be played loud and it is only when the walls are shaking that you can fully appreciate the power and intensity of the band. If you do not know the band already then I suggest you start investigating and rather quickly too!

Five Angry Men

  1. Enemy List (4:41)
  2. Everything Is Black (3:40)
  3. Wake Me Up (Before We Die) (3:19)
  4. Legends Never Die (3:55)
  5. Three Steps To Hell (3:43)
  6. In Death We Trust (4:57)
  7. Dead Living Dead (4:00)
  8. 1939 (4:23)
  9. The Revenant (4:28)
  10. Five Angry Men (3:41)