April 25, 2022

Revolt is album number 6 by the Czech rock band Dymytry and the first to receive an international release from the intense outfit which was formed in Prague in 2003. They play what they call psy-core metal which is a heavy yet still melodic industrial grind core which is very heavy on bass and lots of churning riffs. They are another band which delights in hiding individual identities behind grotesque masks with the visual aspect being a very large part of bands armament.

Revolt is the first album to be released in the English language and an excellent job they have made of it too as the beautiful and clear vocals combine perfectly with the bands intense attack. They are also prone to slow it down too and almost move into ballad territory but there is always an underlying power which reminds of a volcano on the edge of eruption! The album also sees a new vocalist in Alen Ljubic and he has settled in perfectly with his clean delivery destined to win the band many new fans. The band features twin guitarists in Jiri Urban and Jan Gorgel with Artur Mikhaylov on bass and Milos Meier on drums. All combine perfectly with an avalanche of bass and drums competing with the heavy riffing guitars for your attention.

The band has been very clever with the first release for the international market as they have produced an album full of industrial beats but with so much melody so that the album is not harsh or abrasive but all encompassing and welcoming; it’s rock for sure but pitched probably closer to mainstream metal than hardcore which should certainly increase the potential wider market for the band. They also have a couple of guest vocals too with Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson from Brothers Of Metal on the track 300 and ex-Rage guitarist Victor Smolski on the closing track Chernobyl 2.0, great stuff.


  1. Revolt (3:33)
  2. Stronger (4:12)
  3. 300 (feat Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson) (4:54)
  4. Never Gonna Die (4:09)
  5. Rise And Shine (3:22)
  6. Awaking The Monster (3:39)
  7. Until The World Knows Why (4:43)
  8. Touchdown (3:51)
  9. Tick Tock (4:06)
  10. Hope (3:57)
  11. Somebody’s Watching Me (feat Victor Smolski) (2:48)
  12. Chernobyl 2.0 (4:53)