March 17, 2020

Easy Action is a Swedish rock band that formed in 1981 and it released just two albums only, Easy Action in 1983 and That Makes One in 1986. They had a very chequered start to their career which resulted in major personnel changes in the band and something of a alteration in style too as they effectively became an American styled glam metal outfit for their debut release. By the time it came to the second album they had already morphed into a hugely slick melodic rock band. Unfortunately, it was in 1986 that guitarist and singer Kee Marcello quit the band to join Europe and that was the end of Easy Action until they reformed for a couple of gigs around 2006 but, it seems, that they are back again for live gigs but it doesn’t seem like anything is planned yet for the studio. I think the major problem though is that they do not know if they want to be a glam rock or melodic rock band, only time will tell which style wins out.

The team that created That Makes One was vocalist Tommy Nilsson, Chris Lind on bass, Freddie Von Gerber on bass with Kee Marcello on guitar. Together they produced a very glossy AOR album that has American rock written all over it bringing to mind elements of Styx, REO Speedwagon and Foreigner. It’s rather strange that we are seeing so many bands releasing retro albums paying homage to the 80’s and now we have what should have been a classic from that time and  effectively available for the first time and it will be interesting to see what the music business makes of it. However, if you like your AOR with sheen and produced and polished to within an inch of its life then there is much here to enjoy. The album has been re-mastered too and features a couple of bonuses in the rare B-side Eye For An Eye from the In The Middle Of Nowhere single and There Is A River from the Talk Of The Town single. All good fun, the cover is so redolent of the times and it is hard to look at it without smiling.