March 1, 2024

Eclipse, the Swedish powerhouse of heavy rock, is set to shake the music scene once again with the release of their latest single and video, Apocalypse Blues.

Brace yourself for a sonic journey set to enrapture audiences across the globe. Described by the band as a fusion of groove amidst chaos, Apocalypse Blues offers a soundtrack to navigate doomsday with a smirk and a sway. “Why settle for a sunset when you can dance through a mushroom cloud?”

Scheduled for release on April 5th, the exclusive 7” promises fans a tangible piece of Eclipse‘s signature sound, delivering a 360 experience with the exclusive Eclipse Solar Glasses. With Apocalypse Blues leading the charge, alongside the equally compelling Oathbreaker this limited-edition release is sure to become a collector’s item for avid followers and music enthusiasts alike.

Eclipse are thrilled about this exclusive release: “Our inaugural 7 inch! While it might not be the most practical during the apocalypse, at least you can safely witness the Eclipse in April with the bundled glasses, sparing your eyes from harm. That’s a win in our book.”

Photo: Jakob Dahlstrom

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the multi-talented Erik Martensson at Mass Destruction Production studio, Apocalypse Blues embodies Eclipse‘s unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable anthems. The band’s lineup, consisting of Erik Martensson (vocals, guitar), Magnus Henriksson (guitar), Philip Crusner (drums), and Victor Crusner (bass), synergizes seamlessly to deliver a sonic experience that is both powerful and nuanced.

With over a decade of relentless dedication to their craft, Eclipse has garnered a dedicated global following and established themselves as one of Sweden’s premier rock acts. Their electrifying live performances have graced stages across the globe, from the United States to Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe, including prestigious festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Graspop, and Sweden Rock. Eclipse‘s versatility and undeniable charisma have seen them share stages with iconic acts such as Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance, and Scorpions.

The band’s meteoric rise is further evidenced by their impressive online presence, boasting well over 100 million streams and approximately half a million monthly listeners across major music platforms. Eclipse‘s impact on the rock landscape is undeniable, solidifying their status as one of the most influential bands of recent years.

As anticipation mounts for the release of Apocalypse Blues and the upcoming South American and European tour, Eclipse stands poised to redefine the boundaries of contemporary rock music once again. With their unrivaled passion and unmistakable talent, Eclipse continues to blaze a trail for generations to come.


MAR 23 – Slaktkyrkan – Johanneshov, Sweden

APR 25 – Teatro Cariola – Santiago, Chile

APR 26 – EL TEATRITO – Comuna 1, Argentina

APR 28 – Summer Breeze 2024 – São Paulo, Brazil

JUN 14 – Musikhalle Markneukirchen Betriebs- Markneukirchen, Germany


JUN 29 – Topfest Slovakia 2024 – Dolný Hričov, Slovakia

JUL04 – Piazza Ariostea – Ferrara, Italy

JUL 07 – Rock Fest Barcelona 2024 – Barcelona, Spain

AUG 09 – Alcatraz 2024 – Kortrijk, Belgium

AUG 14 / AUG 17 – Summer Breeze Open Air 2024 – Dinkelsbühl, Germany

AUG 24 – Stonedead Festival 2024 – Newark, United Kingdom

More Dates to Be Announced

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