December 31, 2020

Edenbridge is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Austria that formed in 1998 with a total of ten studio albums behind them so far with The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2 being the band’s second compilation following on from their first, The Chronicles Of Eden, which was released in 2007.

Always a band of the people, the intention for the new compilation was that it should contain tracks from the last five studio albums with the selected songs being chosen by the fans voting for their favourite songs from each album which allowed for four from each record plus a fair number of old bonus tracks too. This has meant that the album has turned into a mammoth double CD with twenty six tracks and a whopping running time of almost 148 minutes. The tracks are taken from My Earth Dream (2008), Solitaire (2010), The Bonding (2013), The Great Momentum (2017) and Dynamind (2019) plus new acoustic versions of the tracks Higher, Paramount and Dynamind and the album can be seen as a great starting point if you are new to the band or an exciting compilation with several delightful bonus tracks to savour if you are a long standing fan.

There have been a few changes in the line-up over the years with just vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher and the multitalented Arne ‘Lanvall’ Stockhammer on guitars, keyboards and orchestration remaining from the original team however they are the two key members and are almost entirely responsible for the delightful Edenbridge experience. I suppose the band tires of the comparisons but their sumptuous and rich symphonic/Gothic metal puts them firmly in Nightwish, Sirenia,¬†Delain, Within Temptation and Epica territory but these comparisons should be used as a starting or reference point only as Edenbridge very much has its own and rather unique style which does incorporate a touch of symphonic power metal too. I guess that this is rather inevitable when you have Threshold’s Karl Groom on mixing duties! Edelsbacher has a sublime classical influenced voice with all the precision and power you want in your symphonic metal and there are enough guitar solos to satisfy any demanding rock fan. The music, as always, is beautifully played and perfectly orchestrated with the band always thrilling whether it be with simple and exquisite piano pieces or in fully blown metal mode.

There are more and more female fronted metal rock bands these days which is good to see and Edenbridge have been at it now for over 20 years so they are at the forefront of the genre and with albums like Dynamind in their locker then they will remain there for a long time yet. However, sometimes it is nice to sit back and reflect on the journey the band has taken to get where they are today and in that respect The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2 is an ideal release.

Come on, how can you fail with almost 2.1/2 hours of sumptuous symphonic metal than runs from gentle and reflective through to heavy rock mayhem? Buy and savour this very rich brand of symphonic metal, a guilty pleasure maybe but one that delivers on so many different levels.

The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2 track list

CD 1

  1. Higher (3:51)
  2. On The Other Side (4:51)
  3. Shiantara (5:51)
  4. Alight A New Tomorrow (3:53)
  5. Until The End Of Time (4:35)
  6. Shadowplay (5:24)
  7. The Greatest Gift Of All (12:16)
  8. Dynamind (Easter 2020 Version) (2:07) – Previously Unreleased
  9. Brothers On Diamir (6:51)
  10.  Paramount (Acoustic Version 2020) (3:39) РPreviously Unreleased
  11. Tauerngold (5:36)
  12. The Bonding (15:25)


  1. Live And Let Go (4:30)
  2. Mystic River (7:13)
  3. Myearthdream Suite (For Guitar And Orchestra) (6:47)
  4. The Moment Is Now (4:23)
  5. Skyline’S End (5:31)
  6. The Memory Hunter (5:02)
  7. Remember Me (3:38)
  8. Inward Passage (1:19)
  9. Paramount (4:21)
  10. Higher (Acoustic Version 2020) (4:40) – Previously Unreleased
  11. Into A Sea Of Souls (4:58)
  12. Bon Voyage Vagabond (5:52)
  13. Eternity (3:03)
  14. Myearthdream (12:37)